Patreon Exclusive: What Renee Young will wear at Crown Jewel and plans for Dean Ambrose

The Dirty Sheets can reveal that BOTH Dean Ambrose and Renee Young have travelled to Saudi Arabia. Ambrose was originally against being a part of Crown Jewel, however, unlike Bryan and Cena, his reasons were not related to the death of Jamal Khashoggi. Ambrose’s issues centred around the country’s attitude towards women and the fact his wife, Renee Young wouldn’t be allowed on the show.

With Renee now being shockingly added to broadcast team, Ambrose has altered his stance and is now in Saudi Arabia with the other WWE talents. Despite breaking ground, by commentating on the show, Renee Young may still be forced to adhere to Islamic culture and is likely to be wearing Muslim heargear, known as a hijab- according to our sources. Renee’s involvement in the show, was probably a part of the agreement the WWE reached with the Saudi Sports Authority to not cancel the show.

Meanwhile, Dean Ambrose’s role on the show will see him………

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