Exclusive: End of Era as Raw overruns to end from tomorrow- We reveal why

Any real wrestling fan will know that Raw never ends on time. This was a tactic both WWE and WCW used in the 90s to try and stay on the air longer than each other and create the feel that wrestling was real, and couldn’t be timed out perfectly. However, from tomorrow night, this tradition will come to an end, as the USA have instructed the WWE to start going off the air by 22.59.

This will come as a relief to many, who have grown tired off tedious 3 hour Raws, feeling the extra 15-20 minutes is completely unnecessary. Raw went to 3 hours on July 23rd 2012. At the time, there was mixed opinions about the move, with fans split about the decision. The WWE promoted the change by airing the hilarious commercial posted below:

Hilarious Commercial for 3 hour Raws

As time has gone on, most fans have grown to dislike the format, crying out for the WWE to drop the show back down to a more digestible 2 hours. That hasn’t quite happened yet, but many will certainly see losing 15 pointless minutes as a positive. The move will also allow fans who watch both the WWE and NFL, to watch the majority of the 4th quarter of the NFL Monday Night game- which is obviously the most significant part of the game.

According to our sources, the decision was made to aid the sitcom Modern Family, which was picked up by the USA Network for a whopping $1.5m per episode, just for syndication (old episodes). In the past, coming on after Raw would aid many programmes, as the USA Network believed that the WWE audience would continue watching the channel. However, based on research and social media activity, the USA Network feel that many fans of the sitcom are tuning out when they see wrestling on TV- with the tune out statistics seemingly outweighing the number of viewers who stay tuned.