Patreon Exclusive: Major update on Daniel Bryan’s current deal

Remember where you read this first, before Give Me Sport, Wrestlevotes, What Culture and all the other no-source parasite pr*cks steal the story.

According MY SOURCE, something all the above don’t have- Daniel Bryan is currently fully over-seeing all of his own creative, and not only is Bryan over-seeing his scripts, he’s actively involved in writing them.

We were the ONLY ones to report that Bryan was attempting to get himself clear in January, and were the first to report that he had been cleared. We were also on top of all of Bryan’s contract negotiations and creative plans- including the fact talks were stalling over Bryan’s desire to obtain creative control.

The original plan for Bryan was to tell the simple story of Bryan returning at WrestleMania 34 and winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35 from AJ Styles- winning a feud against The Miz en route. Bryan became fully involved with his creative from the moment he returned, and continually pushed for it to be a part of his new contract during his renewal talks.

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