Exclusive: Source reveals why Vince McMahon is on Raw

Vince McMahon’s appearance tonight, comes off the back of Raw posting a record low rating last week. However, the reason for McMahon’s return, isn’t just to boost the rating.

It appears that WWE have accidentally stumbled into a scenario where you have Ronda Rousey as the Champion on Raw, while the two most over and viable contenders sit on SmackDown- those being Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. While the original plan was for Charlotte to win the Rumble and opt to face Rousey in the Main Event of WrestleMania 35, the WWE didn’t account for the rise of Lynch, who has not only surpassed every woman on the roster, in terms of popularity- but she has also surpassed every man. Hence, probably why she’s calling herself “The Man.”

With feuds between Charlotte and Rousey, Lynch and Nia Jax and Rousey and Lynch, all set up and ready to go, thanks in part to Nia Jax’s idiotic fist to Lynch’s face, one of the key bullet points on Mr McMahon’s agenda, will be to make all combinations of these matches possible. The WWE clearly feel that fans will be more accepting of the Boss coming in and enforcing changes under the guise of a “shake-up,” rather than Shane and Stephanie making awkward trades.

In addition to shaking up the women’s division, Mr McMahon is also set to name a permanent Raw GM. Our source believes McMahon is likely to reinstate Kurt Angle- given that he has been advertised to appear on the show. Original plans called for Alexa Bliss to fully takeover Raw, however, now that she has been cleared to return to the ring, Angle is likely to resume his former duties.

The WWE did have brief talks with former WWE Hall of Famer, Edge, about possibly taking over the role. However, both parties opted to go in another direction, with Edge permanently unable to endure any physicality, thus limiting future storyline options.