The Dirty Sheets was founded in 2015 by Billi Bhatti with the goal of becoming the number one wrestling podcast in the world. After a year Billi welcomed Nick, from NY, Connolly on board as partner the two decided to make it their goal to turn The Dirty Sheets into the number one source for professional wrestling news and analysis world wide. It wasn’t long before the stories they broke began to make news throughout the sports entertainment world.

In 2017, The Dirty Sheets opted to spread it’s wings and cater to red-blooded males, by adding movie reviews, combat sports and of course, some good old fashioned T & A, to their repertoire of shows. More than just another wrestling site, The Dirty Sheets delivers content that promises to seduce, entertain and continuously surprise.

Meet The Team Behind The Dirty Sheets


Billi was a participant on Big Brother UK in 2007. Prior to Big Brother, he worked as a personal trainer and commercial model, modelling for the likes of Telenor, Birkenstock, Ringspun and Animal.

Billi appeared for IPW:UK Wrestling from 2007 to 2010. In August 2007, he wrestled in the most watched UK Wrestling match since 1981 when he beat Rockstar Spud on Big Brother’s ‘What the Housemate’s Did Next’.

In 2008, Billi co-founded Flirt PR, which offered a wide selection of talent, which included celebrities, female models, dancers, actors, singers, make up artists and promotional staffing to clients throughout the UK and Europe.

Billi currently writes for Sportskeeda, where he has helped the company become the most visited site in the world for wrestling news … largely in part to exclusive stories he has landed on a constant basis.

Billi also appears as a WWE and soccer betting expert, on the Sports Gambling Podcast, also available on iTunes.


Nick Connolly aka Nick from NYC, became a co-host and co-owner of The Dirty Sheets Podcast, in December 2016. Nick aided The Dirty Sheets in leaving the fledgling and declining Steel Cage network, and becoming an independent and credible podcast network -regularly cited by wrestling and combat sports sites for it’s breaking news stories, interviews and opinions.

Nick spent 8 years working for Apple Inc, before launching his own highly successful cloud computing consulting firm. Aside from his co-hosting duties, Nick is the technological heart of The Dirty Sheets team.


What do u get when you throw CM Punk, Brian Pillman and Howard Stern into a blender? Something called Cav Manning. Unpredictability, knowledge and humor.

Host of the Wrestlingus show, Cav has been named the most controversial man in podcasting and he is a part of The Dirty Sheets family. Formerly trained at All Pro Wrestling( yea the one from beyond the mat) and has been watching wrestling since he was 5. He pulls no punches and tells it like he sees it. He also likes sunsets, long walks on the beach and puppies. Turn offs, hairy pussy.


A man who knows entirely too much about absolutely nothing, Greig (no, that’s not a typo) has spent over thirty years reading comics, watching TV, becoming an all-round film buff and connoisseur of pop-culture trivia. A successful improv comic and the leading contributor over at UnfunnyNerdTangent.com, Greig is essential member of The Dirty Sheets team, lending his unique ‘Down Under’ perspective, namely as co-host of the ‘Popcorn’ podcast.