Goldberg to headline WWE Hall of Fame, as reported by The Dirty Sheets in September 

Earlier on today, the WWE confirmed what The Dirty Sheets have been reporting for several months, with it’s the news that Goldberg will headline the 2018 Hall of Fame. Whilst the likes on Dave Meltzer were littering the IWC with names like Batista, we were reporting Goldberg as early as July.

Furthermore, The Dirty Sheets openly squashed the Batista story on September 18th, with the story, below, reaffirming that it would be Goldberg. This article clearly further outlines our superiority over every other so-called source, attempting to cover wrestling news. It’s simply no longer a debate.

Sources Shoot Down Batista Hall of Fame Report

Jericho rightfully tells Ryan Satin to “go f**k himself!”

Chris Jericho continued his war of words with Ryan Satin, by telling Satin to “go f**k himself!”

You can view the video here:

Jericho launched the attack on Satin, as Satin continually bashed Jericho on Twitter and wrote a negative article about him, for dedicating his Wrestle Kingdom 12 match against Kenny Omega, to “fallen brothers.”

Jericho posted a photo on Instagram that shows Benoit and Eddie Guerrero caricatures standing behind him.

Despite never specifying Benoit, Satin opted to run with this angle and milk it, until he could get Jericho’s attention- which he did.

Satin previously needlessly criticised Jericho for this tweet.

Satin used this as an opportunity to bait Jericho into an argument, by taking his usual nauseating stance, as a social justice warrior.

Even females saw through Satin’s see-through and attention seeking persona.

It seems like people are growing increasingly sick of Ryan Satin and his role as an irritating social justice warrior. Satin and his colleague, James McKenna, have continually irritated wrestlers over the last year, by needlessly taking them to task over tweets and comments over the last year, mainly centring around accusing people of being homophobic or sexist. I myself have experienced the same nonsense from Satin, who was clearly threatened by the fact that The Dirty Sheets has actual news and Pro Wrestling Sheet rarely have any.

It certainly looks like people are beginning to see through Satin and McKenna and looking at them as the frauds they truly are, rather than the do-gooders and “journalists” they aim to be perceived us.

Pro Wrestling Sheet no longer has any news. They were cut off from their sources months ago. Whilst we have accurately broken the news of women’s Royal Rumble, the plans for Owens/Zayn/Shane Dolph Ziggler’s WWE status and much much more, the Pro Wrestling Sheet have delivered nothing during this period. However, they have been attacked by Samoa Joe, Vince Russo, Chris Jericho and others, for deliberately misinterpreting their comments in order to gain attention for themselves. Seeing as they provide nothing positive to the wrestling community, perhaps it’s high time that the wrestling community finally ignore Pro Wrestling Sheet and see them for what they are truly are, an insignificant attention-seeking cancer, portraying themselves as social justice warriors, solely for the good of their faltering brand.

Roman Reigns NOT winning the Royal Rumble

Many so-called experts are tipping Roman Reigns, the current betting favourite, as the winner of the Royal Rumble. However, this will NOT be the case.

Although Reigns is 100% locked in to face Lesnar at WrestleMania 34, making him an obvious choice as the Royal Rumble winner for most, the current plan is to wait until the Elimination Chamber to crown Reigns as the No.1 contender. The Elimination Chamber is set to be used as a No.1 contender’s match for the WrestleMania 34 Universal Championship match this year, with Brock Lesnar NOT working the PPV.

Yesterday, we revealed that the Royal Rumble winner would be either, John Cena or Nakamura, with our sources leaning towards Nakamura.

You can read our full story about the current Royal Rumble plans, below:

Exclusive news about Current plans for Royal Rumble/WrestleMania

Jericho makes ANOTHER stupid comment about match with Kenny Omega

The build-up to the Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho match has been littered with embarrassing claims and hyperbole.

Jericho has added yet another stupid comment to his new list, that being, his “stupid comments list,” by comparing his independent pro wrestling match with Kenny Omega, to Mayweather vs McGregor, one of the highest grossing sporting events in history.

Speaking on NJPW video, Jericho said:

“This match was very important to me and very interesting because it’s a match that nobody thought could happen. It’s a lot like Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor in you take two huge stars from two separate places and put them in a match that nobody thought could happen. So, to me, it’s exciting for me after 27 years of being in the wrestling business, it’s exciting for the fans both in New Japan and worldwide, and I think it gives Kenny a whole new aspect of his career.”

The delusional Jericho is clearly over-looking the fact that Mayweather vs McGregor made over $400 million, with some insiders estimating that Mayweather made over $300 million for his 10th round TKO of McGregor. In contrast, Jericho vs Omega is highly unlikely to even make $400,000, which is 0.1% of what Mayweather vs McGregor made, making Jericho’s comparison beyond laughable.

Raw Results (Hour 2), January 1st

• Asuka defeats Alexa Bliss with an “Asuka Lock” as expected. Asuka sells more than she has for anyone else on Raw so far. Although Bliss is actually the Champion, so it’s okay. It wasn’t okay when she sold for Emma, 2 days before Emma was released.

• Joe is interviewed by Renee. Makes hilarious quip about Dean Ambrose living off his wife’s pay cheque because of him. They are using Renee well here to make Joe look like a heel scumbag. Unlike anyone else on Raw, Joe understands how to play a heel.

• Bayley enters the Royal Rumble with a horrible promo. Remember when we cared about Bayley?

• Braun Strowman squashed Rhyno and Slater. Strowman was massively over with the Miami crowd, as was Rhyno, as the crowd chanted “E-C-Dub” at one point and “let’s go Rhyno.” The match was originally Braun vs Rhyno, but Strowman grabbed the mic and changed it mid-match. Braun won with a PowerSlam, pinning Rhyno and continued the beatdown after the match by hitting his PowerSlam on both, again and again.

• Jason Jordan hilariously interrupts a Rollins and Reigns backstage segment. He says that him and Seth have Roman’s back if The Bar interferes and closes out with “Believe that.” Rollins and Reigns sell the funny awkwardness with their comedy facials afterwards.

• Braun and Kane run into each other backstage. Kane says he wants to talk, and proposes they take out Brock together. Braun turns him down.

• Backstage City continues, as Angle is seen on his phone, as usual, saying his scripted lines. He’s interrupted by Balor. Balor says he’s entering the Royal Rumble and that he will be teaming with Gallows and Anderson tonight against The Miztourage and Elias. The marks in the crowd cheer and chant “too sweet.” This is clear sign the WWE have no idea what to do with all three, and have conceded creative failure, by opting for a cheap Bullet Club pops, and only targeting 10% of their audience.

• Roman and Samoa Joe is up next as we enter the final hour.

Raw Results (Hour 1), January 1st

Alexa Bliss confronts Kurt Angle backstage to get out of her non-title match with Asuka. Angle refuses to cancel.

• Angle goes to the ring and confirms The Dirty Sheets Exclusive story about the 30 women Royal Rumble. You can see our original exclusive, below.

WWE re-thinking Women’s Royal Rumble plans

• Angle is interrupted by Cesaro and Sheamus who are complaining about their loss last week. Jason Jordan then comes down to confront the duo. Crowd are chanting “Daddy’s boy.” Seth Rollins then joins the party. Everyone is relatively weak at delivering their scripted lines. The WWE have seemingly forgotten that Rollins and Jordan hugged and celebrated their win last week and are going to back to booking the pair as dysfunctional team.

• It’s a new year, but Raw’s format is still the same. A 15 minute talking segment is followed by a two segment match, as Cesaro vs Jason Jordan is made, with Sheamus and Rollins on the outside. Apparently, Rollins is only out there to see Jordan lose, despite supporting him through the whole match. This company, the commentators and the characters have no idea what they are trying to convey with this Rollins and Jordan alliance, which has clearly been pieced together to make up for Ambrose’s absence. Jordan wins clean with his un-named finisher, as the commentators have yet to call it.

• Samoan Joe (Roman Reigns) talks to Renee Young about his Intercontinental Championship defence against Samoa Joe later tonight, where he can lose the title via DQ.

• Bray Wyatt is out next. Time to check what’s happening in the College Football game. Straight out of a BBC PornHub scene, the Titus Brand come out, consisting of Apollo Crews, Titus O’Neil and Dana Brooke, who actually looks attractive in office wear after resembling a pig for so long in her wrestling attire. The match is between Crews and Wyatt, which needlessly receives two segments. Wyatt wins and Matt Hardy appears on the screen after the match.

• Alexa Bliss seeks out Nia Jaxx backstage to assist her against Asuka, but Nia says Enzo needs her more and chooses Enzo over Bliss when given an ultimatum.

• Bliss comes to ring and Bliss vs Asuka will open the second hour.