Major News Regarding Upcoming Fatal 4 Way

According to Christy Hemme’s twitter account the former WWE Superstar, and TNA Knockout, is set to give birth to quadruplets any day now.

Hemme was well known during her career for her drop dead looks, and fiery red hair. Hemme was discovered during the Diva’s search in 204, and While her time with WWE was relatively short, she became one of the biggest female stars of TNA wrestling. Hemme wrestled for a few years after coming to TNA. Her career had an even longer second act, as she became the lead ring announcer of TNA Impact from 2009-2016.

Fantasy Premier League and Betting Week 17

On this bumper edition of the EPL Show, Billi and James cover TWENTY EPL games, as the Premiership enters it’s crazy Christmas period- with FORTY EPL games in just THIRTEEN days.

The most wonderful time of the year is headlined by it’s opening game this Friday, as Liverpool travel to Arsenal. Arsenal will be looking for revenge after a humiliating loss at Anfield, earlier on this season.

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Eva Marie stands up to Mia Khalifa about pro wrestling

Not many would expect Eva Marie to step up as the night in shining armour, to defend pro wrestling, but that is exactly what happened when Eva Marie appeared on the sports show, “Out of Bounds,” alongside Pornstar Mia Khalifa.

Khalifa recently received a lot of coverage for ridiculing Ronda Rousey’s decision to join the WWE. Meanwhile, Eva Marie left the WWE earlier this year, after being criticised by the internet wrestling community throughout her tenure for her in-ring work and promos.

However, despite receiving harsh criticism for so many years, Eva Marie did not hold back when it came to defending the WWE, and perfectly outlined what pro wrestling entailed, to the point where Khalifa was actually willing to reconsider her opinion.

You can watch the exchanges in the video, below.

John Cena addresses his Google searches in hilarious video

John Cena recently appeared on Wired to answer the most commonly asked Google questions about himself.

Wired places a celebrity on a seat, as they hold a piece of cardboard paper with the Google search bar and a drop down menu of the most frequently searched terms relating to them. The last few words of each search result are covered by a white sticker that the celebrity removes one at a time and answers the questions.

This appearance on Wired was a part of Cena’s promotional tour to promote the animated movie, Ferdinand, where Cena voices Ferdinand, the film’s main character.

You can watch the video, below:

Exclusive news on Ambrose injury and future of The Shield

Exclusive news on Ambrose injury and future of The Shield

Unlike every other so called wrestling news site, The Dirty Sheets have received exclusive news regarding Dean Ambrose’s injury and the future of The Shield.

The original plan for The Shield was ALWAYS for Dean Ambrose to turn heel and face Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 34. This STILL remains the plan, despite Ambrose’s injury, which will mean the story will now need to take a detour, whilst Ambrose is out of action.

Ambrose suffered a tricep tendon injury last weekend at a house show in Syracuse, NY on Saturday. He attempted to work through the injury on Sunday, at a house show in Allentown, PA. Unfortunately, it was after this show that he informed officials about the injury and the WWE medical staff decided he couldn’t work through it and immediately booked him in for surgery yesterday. He was then subsequently written off television on Monday, with the injury angle. The WWE also deliberately planted a seed to lead to the Rollins vs Ambrose feud, as it was a miscalculation by Rollins that lead to the on-screen injury.

There is no official timetable for Ambrose’s return from injury, however, our sources have told us that the WWE expect it to be 4 months, and that Ambrose is expected to be available for WrestleMania. According to our source, the WWE expect Ambrose to be performing active motion exercises just 4-6 weeks after surgery, without the assistance of a physical therapist. Once full range of motion is restored, strengthening exercises will begin, usually three months after surgery, and the WWE expect Ambrose would return to the ring appropriately 4-6 weeks after that. However, he should be able to appear on television to set up an angle before the 4 month period.

If the diagnosis is worse than the WWE expect, Ambrose will obviously miss WrestleMania and the Rollins and Ambrose feud will take place when Ambrose is fully cleared to return to action.

WWE re-thinking Women’s Royal Rumble plans

It was the Dirty Sheets who EXCLUSIVELY broke the news about a Women’s Royal Rumble match on September 18th, via our YouTube channel, further confirming that The Dirty Sheets are the No.1 source in the world for wrestling news. You can view our exclusive breaking news video, below.

The WWE were originally planning to do a 20 woman Rumble, however, according to our sources, recent talks are leaning towards making the event even more grandiose, by making it a 30 woman Royal Rumble. This will mean that the WWE will be bringing in former WWE female legends as surprise entrants, much like the male Royal Rumble, in addition to using women from NXT.

Whilst there is nothing officially decided at this point, our sources have told us that we should definitely no longer expect a rumble simply featuring 20 women.

SmackDown Results 12-19-2017

Opening Segment

Shane and Daniel Bryan rehash their actions in the title match Sunday night. Daniel explains that he was protecting Shane from himself to keep Smackdown the land of opportunity. Shane reluctantly agrees and gives control of the night over to Bryan.

Usos vs Benjamin and Gable

Benjamin wins via pinfall after his team hits the double team finisher.

Women’s Segment

Charlotte comes out and hypes the women’s Rumble match. Naomi comes out and throws her hat in the ring for the Rumble and tells Charlotte “she’ll see her at Mania”. The Riot squad comes out and Charlotte & Naomi challenge them to a tag match.

We get Ruby Riott and the one that’s not Liv Morgan vs Charlotte and Naomi. Naomi wins via pinfall with the rear view on the brunette.

Ziggler Segment

Ziggler comes out and recounts all his title wins throughout his career with highlights. Leaves the US Title in the middle of the ring and walks out.

New Day vs Rusev Day

They’re in Christmas costumes and English goes into a pile of pancakes. New Day wins.

Mahal, Owens & Zayn vs Shinsuke, Orton, & Styles

Shinsuke wins via pinfall with a Kinshasa on Zayn after the faces hit all their finishers on the heels.


Raw Results 12-18

Opening Segment

Show opens with Angle making announcement about who will face Lesnar at Rumbe. Braun comes out and says he should because he was the last one standing. Kane comes out says he should be facing Brock because he’s been there for 20 years and never fell to the beast. Heyman comes out and says Brock should have a say about this. Brock circles the ring and just after he enters the ropes Angle announces the match will be triple threat at Rumble. Brock clotheslines Braun over the top rope and F5s Kane.

Rollins vs Joe

Jordan interrupts and says he wants shot at Joe. Joe comes out and says why don’t you two fight over me. Jordan vs Rollins is booked and winner will face Joe at a later date. Rollins wins with High Knee. After match Joe attacks Rollins and Jordan.

Backstage Segment

Angle books 6 man tag Jordan, Ambrose, Rollins vs Joe and the Bar later in the night.

Bray Wyatt Segment

Bray spouts his typical stuff.

Handicap Match Balor vs Axel and Dallas

Axel and Dallas get disqualified with blatant use of the double team. Itami debuts and makes the save. We get a tag match Itami & Balor vs Miztourage. Itami wins with GTS on Axel.

Cruiserweight Number One Contender Match

Alexander wins with Lumbar Check.

Asuka vs Fox

Asuka wins via submission

Samoa Joe & The Bar vs Jordan, Rollins & Ambrose

Cesaro wins via pinfall over Rollins

Woken Promo

Revival vs Rhyno and Slater

The Revival wins via Pinfall

Elias Song

Elias is singing about the NFL commissioner when the face women make their entrance.

6 Women Tag Match Absolution vs. Bayley, Sasha Banks & Mickie James

Match never really gets started and the faces win via DQ.

Royal Rumble Announcement

Stephanie comes out and Kayfabe dies as all the faces and heels stand in a row as Stephanie becomes a face for the night and announces a Women’s Royal Rumble Match!