Live video: Riot breaking out at the Manhattan Center

[/spp-transcript]The fans at the Manhattan Center are on the verge of rioting due to the lack of activity at the building. Reports suggest many fans paid over $600 for their tickets. I'm so happy. @wwe @VinceMcMahon they deserve this #RAW25 https://t.co/l0tT44auaS — DirtySheets.Net (@WrestlingTrews) January 23, 2018

Monday Night Raw and Nitro Results and notes (with Videos), January 22nd 1996

Here are our notes from our “Back to the Monday Night War” Podcast, available via The Dirty Sheets feed on iTunes and on our DirtySheets.Net website. Monday Nitro Results and Podcast Notes: • Show starts with Bishoff telling you what’s happening tonight, but, he’s interrupted by Konnan, who says he’s […]