Patreon Exclusive: Major update on Daniel Bryan’s current deal

Remember where you read this first, before Give Me Sport, Wrestlevotes, What Culture and all the other no-source parasite pr*cks steal the story.

According MY SOURCE, something all the above don’t have- Daniel Bryan is currently fully over-seeing all of his own creative, and not only is Bryan over-seeing his scripts, he’s actively involved in writing them.

We were the ONLY ones to report that Bryan was attempting to get himself clear in January, and were the first to report that he had been cleared. We were also on top of all of Bryan’s contract negotiations and creative plans- including the fact talks were stalling over Bryan’s desire to obtain creative control.

The original plan for Bryan was to tell the simple story of Bryan returning at WrestleMania 34 and winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35 from AJ Styles- winning a feud against The Miz en route. Bryan became fully involved with his creative from the moment he returned, and continually pushed for it to be a part of his new contract during his renewal talks.

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Patreon Exclusive: Kayfabe truly dead- as Styles and Joe spotted at stripclub together

We all know that kayfabe isn’t something the WWE really care about anymore, but coming off a intense and personal feud, even I was surprised to hear that AJ Styles and Samoa Joe showed up together at a well known stripclub in Brighton, during the recent UK your.

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Exclusive: Daniel Bryan re-signs with the WWE (full details revealed)

Last Tuesday, Daniel Bryan put pen-to-paper, signing a new WWE deal for close to $1 million a year. The deal is currently a 3 year deal, with an option to add two more years after 18 months, if both parties are satisfied. Bryan is obligated to a minimum of 120 dates per year, with sources expecting this rise to 150, with Bryan securing $8000 per an additional appearance.

The deal is expected to pay Bryan approximately $2 million a year after bonuses and his 15% merchandise revenue is included.

Bryan’s currently sits just inside the Top 10 for merchandise sales, however, this is because he only has 3 items available- 2 T-shirts and a hand towel. Bryan’s T-shirts are a top 5 seller and he’s expected be one of the top stars and top merchandise sellers in the next 12 months, where he is expected to win the WWE Championship once again.

Reports put out by Dave Meltzer and Ryan Satin contained no details as they were purely speculative guesswork, based on the fact Bryan’s previous deal expired on September 1st 2018. Therefore, when Bryan appeared on Tuesday, it was 100% certain he had signed something.

The Dirty Sheets previously reported that Bryan had signed a short-term 90 day from September 1st to December 1st so that the WWE could safely advertise him for Australia. Obviously this new deal replaces the 90 day deal, which was only in-play for 4 days and covered Bryan to appear at 2 weekend house shows in Michigan on the 2nd and 3rd of September- where he twice defeated The Miz.

The REAL story about Brock Lesnar missing Raw. Why did Brock call Triple H a motherf**ker?

After trying to put the pieces together for 5 days, we finally have enough information from various sources to accurately put together the REAL story about why Brock Lesnar walked on the WWE on Monday.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman were flown to Vegas by the WWE and were booked into the same Hotel as the WWE talent. In his mind, Brock was there a day early to have talks about a new contract, however, the WWE had other plans.

The WWE only wanted to get Brock in for more dates, and wanted him to sign a mini-extension. This is because Brock would be OVER his dates if he appeared at all the Raws and houseshows he’s being advertised for. Brock Lesnar made it clear that he wasn’t interested in signing anything to do 4 extra dates and was there to talk about a new contract.

When the new deal was bought up, Vince McMahon asked Lesnar about his dealings with Richard Rodriguez, the in-prisoned drug dealer who is working with film maker, Jon Bravo. Unlike Roman Reigns, Lesnar ADMITTED that he had, had some dealings with Rodriguez. It was at this point the WWE hid behind this and told Lesnar that they couldn’t commit to a new a deal until they saw what Jon Bravo released. We say hid, because our sources believe that the WWE have no intentions of offering Brock a fresh deal, feeling they’ve done all they can with him. Therefore, it’s highly ironic that the WWE scripted Roman Reigns to say that Brock Lesnar “hides behind his contract,” when the WWE are hiding behind an allegation.

It was this point Brock Lesnar became annoyed with McMahon and decided to point out an irony of his own. Brock pointed to Triple H, who was also in the meeting, and said, “you think that’s a reason, when this motherf*cker gets on the f**king Arnolds for every Mania!” It is believed at this point that Paul Heyman and Vince McMahon calmed down the proceedings and that the meeting ended with nothing signing, meaning that the WWE will only have Brock for a limited amount of dates on the road to WrestleMania.

It was after this meeting that Brock Lesnar met with Dana White on the Vegas strip (below). Brock Lesnar left Vegas the next day and went straight home, without telling the WWE. Lesnar obviously felt that skipping Raw was acceptable providing he fulfilled the remaining number of dates on his contract. The WWE managed get hold of Paul Heyman, who explained to the WWE that Brock had gone home to cool off, but that he was intending to wrestle in Chicago at the weekend.

It’s worth noting that Brock Lesnar’s preferred option was and is the WWE. Especially after the Jon Jones hearing went very badly, killing off any hopes of doing Lesnar vs Jones. Whilst Lesnar will make more money returning to the UFC, Lesnar knows the WWE option is much easier for him. The perfect scenario for Lesnar would probably be to sign for the WWE for 3 more years, but still fight 2-3 more times for UFC during that contract. If that were possible, Brock would be able to earn $24 million in 3 years, as opposed to the $9 million he would exclusively earn from WWE or the $15 million he would earn from an exclusive 3 fight deal from the UFC.

Future Main Eventer likely to receive NXT deal soon

Vince McMahon, who rarely gets involved in the recruitment of new talent these days, has specifically requested that Triple H and his various scouts keep an eye on one particular talent who he’s said to be extremely keen to sign.

Cedric Rougeau, son of Jacques Rougeau, who formerly played The Mountie character, is a 6’7 315 pound monster with Hollywood good looks. Our sources have revealed that, McMahon previously said that he would meet with Jacques and Cedric several months ago, when the WWE were in Montreal, but instead, sent Triple H to take care of matters. Since then, it’s being reported McMahon has learnt more about Cedric’s size and appearance via a recent phone call with Hulk Hogan, and after seeing images of the star, Cedric is now said to be at the top of the WWE’s watchlist.

McMahon trusts Triple H with knowing when and when to not bring up a talent. Despite being good friends with Scott Hall, Triple H advised Cody Hall to stay in the indies to gain more experience, before coming to NXT- the same advice which was given to Cedric Rougeau. However, with Vince McMahon being fans of both, it’s almost a guarantee that you will soon see both prospects arrive at NXT, with both likely to receive huge pushes.

The feeling is that NXT is full of talent right now, with the recent signings of EC3 and Ricochet, and with the likes of Undisputed Era only signing last July. Plus, the brand have many blossoming stars, such as Aleister Black and the Velveteen Dream. The brand also have Donovan Dijak waiting to debut. Dijak, like Hall and Rougeau, was another name whom the WWE monitored carefully for several years.

Major changes to Elimination Chamber

We previously revealed that The Miz and Finn Balor were set to begin and program and face off at the Elimination Chamber. Finn Balor even hinted at this via his Twitter account, days after we broke the news.

However, given the injuries to both Seth Rollins (back) and Jason Jordan (neck), the WWE have opted to take both men out of the Elimination Chamber and will be replacing them with The Miz and Finn Balor, who will no longer be facing each other on the PPV. The Miz qualified last night and Finn Balor will win the second chance Fatal 4 Way next week.

The Elimination Chamber card is currently set to look like this:

Men’s Elimination Chamber:

Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman vs The Miz vs John Cena vs Elias vs Finn Balor

Women’s Championship Elimination Chamber:

Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks vs Bayley vs Mickie James vs Sonya Deville vs Mandy Rose

Raw Tag Team Championship:

The Bar vs Gallows and Anderson

Asuka vs Nia Jaxx (if Jaxx wins, she receives a Raw Women’s title match at WrestleMania)

Bray Wyatt vs Woken Matt Hardy