NFL Week 15 Preview

Welcome to week 15 in the national football league! It’s crunch time, will Rodgers be able to run the table and get the Packers into the playoffs? Will their be a new King of the NFC West when the Rams go into Seattle? And of course we talk about the game of the week, Patriots vs Steelers.  We will tell you who will win and why with all the point spreads, this week on your NFL preview show!

NFL Week 14 Preview

Week 14 in the NFL, find out how much money you woulda made last week if you listened to what Billi and Cav said. Do you wanna make money this week or will you be left out in the cold again? Who’s a lock? Who should you stay away from this week? All this and more for week 14 in the NFL

NFL Week 8 Preview

Billi and Cav bring you the next latest installment of the NFL preview, as they attempt to figure out this bizzaro season. Who’s good? Who’s bad? Who’s done? This podcast is bought to you by Don’t gamble on sports, invest in sports.