Raw Results 11/27/17

Opening Segment

Show opens with Reigns making his way to the ring. Reigns cuts a promo about his win the week prior for the IC title. Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel interrupt. After a few words Elias makes his way out playing his guitar and joins Axel and Dallas. A match between Elias and Reigns gets booked.

Cesaro vs Seth Rollins

Rollins wins via pinfall after a High Knee.

Titus O’Neil vs Samoa Joe

Joe wins via submission with the Coquina Clutch.

Women’s 3 on 3 Tag Match

Match never happens. Sasha makes her way to the ring. Her two teammate’s, Mickie James, and Bayley’s, music hits but they never come from the back. Paige, Deville and Rose, now known as Absolution, make their way to the ring and jump Sasha.

Matt Hardy vs Wyatt

Wyatt wins via pinfall with the Sister Abigail

Tozawa vs Dar vs Swann vs Daivari

Swann wins and goes on to face next week’s fatal 4 way winner to see who will be next cruiserweight number one contender.

IC Title Match, Elias vs Reigns

Reigns wins via pinfall with the spear

Asuka vs Brook

Asuak wins via Asuka Lock in this quick squash match

Kane vs Jordan

Kane wins via countout

Kane vs Balor

Balor wins via DQ after Braun interferes.

Raw Results 11-13-17

Opening Segment

Stephanie berates Kurt for being a “bad general manager” and just as she’s about to fire him The Shield make their way to the ring. The Shield back up Angle and challenges the New Day. They are also facing The Bar and Miz later in the night.

Women’s Triple Threat for Last Spot on Survivor Series Team

Bayley vs. Mickie James vs. Dana Brooke

Match teases feud between Dana and Asuka and Bayley get the win.

Cruiseweight Tag Match

Drew Gulak and Enzo vs Akira Tozawa and Kalisto

Enzo pins Tozawa after hitting the JawdonZo and captures the win

Backstage Segment

Angle makes a match between Joe and Finn and a match between Jason Jordon and Bray Wyatt

Miz TV

Miz has the Bar on Miz TV and they all kiss eachother’s asses.

Wyatt vs Jordan

Jordan wins with a roll up and is attacked by Bray after the match. Jordan’s knee is “injured” and has to be helped to the back.

Heyman/Lesnar Promo

Heyman hypes match between Lesnar and Styles as can’t miss. A fan proposes during this segment.

The Shield vs Miz & the Bar

Roman gets the pinfall on Miz after a spear and triple powerbomb

In Ring Segment

Angle is out to announce a replacement for his son at Survivor Series. Jordan comes out and pleads his case. Stephanie comes out and demands that Angle makes the announcment. Angle wavers and Triple H’s music hits. Trips makes the announcement that he will be replacing Jordan and then procedes to pedigree Jordan.

Joe and Balor vs. Gallows and Anderson

Finn wins via pinfall after hitting the Coup de Grace

Interview with Bliss

Alexa hypes her match at Survivor Series regardless of who her opponent may be.

Kane vs Braun

The match never gets under weigh as the two beat eachother with weapons. The show ends with Strowman powerslaming Kane through the ring.

Raw Results for October 9th 2017 & Raw in 30

Raw in 30:

Shield Segment

The show opened up with a Miz awards ceromony. Sheamus, Cesaro, Curtis Axel are all in the ring patting themselves on the back. The Shield reunites, makes their way to the ring, and beats down the whole lot of them.

Jordan vs. Anderson

Jordan avoids the interference by Gallows and beats Anderson via Pinfall

Backstage Miz/Angle Segment

Miz is getting treated backstage for his injuries, and Angle comes in and books Miz, Cesaro, and Sheamus vs The Shield at TLC.

Crews vs Elias

Elias wins via pinfall with his finisher, the drift away.

Enzo/Angle in Ring Segment

Angle books cruiserweight title, lumberjack match against Kallisto for main event.

Matt Hardy vs Braun

Braun kicks out of the twist of fate on 1. He then hits Hardy with his finisher for the win. After the match Braun carries Hardy up the ramp where he encounters the Shield. The Shield over powers Braun and triple power bombs him through the table. We then have a Shield promo backstage.


Mickie James & Alexa Bliss in Ring Segment

Alexa Bliss and Mickie James have a talking segment hyping their fued and upcoming title match.

Asuka Debut Backstage Segment

Sasha, Bayley, Dana, Alicia Fox, and Emma argue backstage over who gets to job out to Asuka first. Angle books them in a fatal 5 way later in the night to make the determination.

Cruiserweight Tag Match

Gallagher and Kendrick beat Ali and Alexander via Pinfall

Backstage Segment Regarding TLC Match

Miz brings up the Shield said that they can beat 4 or 5 guys. Miz says he found a fourth partner for TLC. Braun comes in. Angle books TLC match as a 4 on 3 handicap match

Finn/Abigail Segment

Finn finds out that Bray dresses in spooky drag from time to time. Bray wants everyone to call him Abigail. Finn discovers he’ll be facing drag queen Bray in their next match. It looks like it’s going to be a Halloween costume party match because Bray tells Finn to dress up like the demon.

Women’s Fatal 5 Way

Michael Cole reveals he doesn’t know the rules, and Emma steals a pin from an exhausted Sasha Banks. Emma is therefore awarded the oppurtunity to lose to Asuka in her debut.

Rennee Young Backstage Interview

Rennee Young talks to Balor backstage regarding Bray’s spooky costume.

“Main Event Cruiserweight Match”

Kalisto wins Crusierweight title via pinfall with the Salida del Sol. The faces all celebrate with Kalisto.