CM Punk FINALLY confirms what “CM” stands for, during Punk vs Amann trial

[spp-ctabuttons]During the CM Punk vs Doctor Amann trial yesterday, CM Punk finally revealed what the “CM” in “CM Punk stood for. Punk confirmed that the “CM” stands for Chick Magnet.

CM Punk took stand mid-morning. His attorney asked if there’s anything he’d change about Colt Cabana podcast. Punk said he swore a lot on there and wouldn’t today. He Acknowledged being bitter back then and wrestling being his whole life. He claimed there were lots of things on the podcast that he just doesn’t care about anymore.

When asked about why did he do the podcast? Punk said he’d left the WWE and hadn’t told his side of the story- meanwhile, the WWE had made statements about him, “kind regard of like going through a divorce.” Punk added, “I just wanted to set the record straight for my fans.” The podcast was meant to be his truthful story. It was “just two friends talking,” he said, referring to his longtime close friend, Colt Cabana, who said they often saw each other daily when both were in town.

Punk testified to his health from 2013-2014, said it wasn’t good. He cited headaches, sleeplessness, dizzy, neck couldn’t support head, nausea, cranky. He stated “I’m sure I wasn’t fun to be around.”

Exclusive: Inside information on Brock Lesnar’s new deal

As reported SEVERAL DAYS AGO on our WrestleMania review show, Brock Lesnar has signed an image rights deal with the WWE, not a renewal of his previous deal.

He has the same deal in place with the UFC. The WWE will be paying Lesnar $500,000 a year ($125,000 a quarter) to use his likeness, which will relate to merchandise etc. If the WWE want to use Brock, it’ll be $100,000 per a TV appearance and $500,000 to do an actual PPV/WWE Network match. He will also collect his standard 6% from merchandise sales.

UFC will be paying Brock anywhere from $5m-$10m to fight for them, depending on the card and opponent. Lesnar isn’t expected to fight until December, where he is likely to face the winner of Miocic-Cormier. If that fight goes ahead, Lesnar will pocket closer to $10m, rather than $5m.

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Patreon Exclusive: The TRUTH about Reigns, Lesnar and McMahon

You’ve read all the bulls**t, now read the actual story!

Unfortunately, the facts behind why Brock Lesnar defeated Roman Reigns on Sunday, are nowhere near as interesting as the FICTION that was put out there by Ryan Satin and then echoed by Dave Meltzer, followed by all the other sheep in the wrestling media, who all piggy banked onto the fake story about a heated confrontation between Lesnar and McMahon.

Here are the FACTS…

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Ronda Rousey set for European Tour

Many speculated on exactly what kind of WWE contract Ronda Rousey would have. The Dirty Sheets correctly reported that, although it wouldn’t be full-time, it would be far more dates than Brock Lesnar and would be similar to the current deal Randy Orton has.

Rousey’s recent tweet should be a firm confirmation of this, as she tweeted out that she would be making several consecutive dates on WWE’s European Tour in May.

Huge news regarding Ronda Rousey’s finisher

According to a recent Q & A with Kurt Angle, the WWE are making the Samoan drop Ronda Rousey’s finishing move and dropping her world famous arm-bar.

Angle was asked, “Did Ronda have her arm in a bad spot when she did that Samoan drop on Stephanie?”

Angle replied, “No she didn’t. That’s how you complete the move. It’s Ronda’s finisher.”

If this proves to be the case, this is a huge mistake by the WWE. Ronda finished nearly all her UFC opponents with the arm-bar and has even been asked about the move in several mainstream interviews. She even used the move in a very publicised scene, in the Entourage movie.

Reigns goes 7-0 against Cena + news about more heat on Lesnar

[spp-transcript]Last night in Chicago, Roman Reigns defeated John Cena for the 7th time in his career. Reigns is now 7-0 vs Cena.

Brock Lesnar also wrestled last night in Chicago, however, fans were left dissatisfied when Lesnar vs Kane only lasted 36 seconds. According to our sources, fans responded by taking it out on the Reigns vs Cena match, who Main Evented the show. They reportedly chanted “CM Punk” and “you both suck.”

Our sources have also told us that Brock was responsible for the short match, and wasn’t willing to do any more than he did. Brock’s house show bouts are notoriously short, however, they usually last 3-4 minutes, not 36 seconds. As we exclusively reported on Patreon this week, Brock only has 4 WWE appearances left on his current deal, despite being advertised for 8.

You can read the full story by clicking the Patreon link, below. We also revealed why Brock didn’t show up to Raw and why he called Triple H a “motherf**ker!”

Exclusive: The REAL reason why Brock Lesnar walked out on WWE and why he called Triple H a motherf**ker

After trying to put the pieces together for 5 days, we finally have enough information from various sources to accurately put together the REAL story about why Brock Lesnar walked on the WWE on Monday.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman were flown to Vegas by the WWE and were booked into the same Hotel as the WWE talent. In his mind, Brock was there a day early to have talks about a new contract, however, the WWE had other plans.

The WWE only wanted to get Brock in for more dates, and wanted him to sign a mini-extension. This is because Brock would be OVER his dates if he appeared at all the Raws and houseshows he’s being advertised for. Brock Lesnar made it clear that he wasn’t interested in signing anything to do 4 extra dates and was there to talk about a new contract.

When the new deal was bought up, Vince McMahon asked Lesnar about his………

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Does Dana White’s tweet reveal the future of Brock Lesnar?

The tweet above surely gives us a massive indication as to what Brock Lesnar will be doing after WrestleMania 34. White tweeted the photo during the Elimination Chamber PPV. Many have speculated if Brock Lesnar would remain in WWE or return to the UFC. However, The Dirty Sheets have continually indicated that Lesnar would be moving on after his WrestleMania loss to Roman Reigns in New Orleans.

We also previously reported that there have been discussions to keep Paul Heyman on, as a mouth-piece for Ronda Rousey.