Exclusive: Source reveals why Vince McMahon is on Raw

Vince McMahon’s appearance tonight, comes off the back of Raw posting a record low rating last week. However, the reason for McMahon’s return, isn’t just to boost the rating.

It appears that WWE have accidentally stumbled into a scenario where you have Ronda Rousey as the Champion on Raw, while the two most over and viable contenders sit on SmackDown- those being Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. While the original plan was for Charlotte to win the Rumble and opt to face Rousey in the Main Event of WrestleMania 35, the WWE didn’t account for the rise of Lynch, who has not only surpassed every woman on the roster, in terms of popularity- but she has also surpassed every man. Hence, probably why she’s calling herself “The Man.”

With feuds between Charlotte and Rousey, Lynch and Nia Jax and Rousey and Lynch, all set up and ready to go, thanks in part to Nia Jax’s idiotic fist to Lynch’s face, one of the key bullet points on Mr McMahon’s agenda, will be to make all combinations of these matches possible. The WWE clearly feel that fans will be more accepting of the Boss coming in and enforcing changes under the guise of a “shake-up,” rather than Shane and Stephanie making awkward trades.

In addition to shaking up the women’s division, Mr McMahon is also set to name a permanent Raw GM. Our source believes McMahon is likely to reinstate Kurt Angle- given that he has been advertised to appear on the show. Original plans called for Alexa Bliss to fully takeover Raw, however, now that she has been cleared to return to the ring, Angle is likely to resume his former duties.

The WWE did have brief talks with former WWE Hall of Famer, Edge, about possibly taking over the role. However, both parties opted to go in another direction, with Edge permanently unable to endure any physicality, thus limiting future storyline options.

Patreon Exclusive: Major update on Daniel Bryan’s current deal

Remember where you read this first, before Give Me Sport, Wrestlevotes, What Culture and all the other no-source parasite pr*cks steal the story.

According MY SOURCE, something all the above don’t have- Daniel Bryan is currently fully over-seeing all of his own creative, and not only is Bryan over-seeing his scripts, he’s actively involved in writing them.

We were the ONLY ones to report that Bryan was attempting to get himself clear in January, and were the first to report that he had been cleared. We were also on top of all of Bryan’s contract negotiations and creative plans- including the fact talks were stalling over Bryan’s desire to obtain creative control.

The original plan for Bryan was to tell the simple story of Bryan returning at WrestleMania 34 and winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35 from AJ Styles- winning a feud against The Miz en route. Bryan became fully involved with his creative from the moment he returned, and continually pushed for it to be a part of his new contract during his renewal talks.

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Exclusive: Sasha Banks gets Chocolate Fingers on Raw

Us Brits love a good Chocolate Finger. However, on last night’s Raw, Sasha Banks received chocolate fingers of a different kind last night- when she was picked up by Apollo Crews.

Take a look at the photo and video, below:


While there is no doubt Apollo probably enjoys a finger licking good KFC from time to time, from the smile on his face, we would speculate that he enjoyed last night even more.

Wrestling Therapy RETURNS Tonight

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So if you wanna hear a show that will deliver the most diverse 60+ minutes of audio content you’ll hear all week, with a little bit of wrestling sprinkled in, tune into therapy tonight, simply by subscribing to The Dirty Sheets iTunes channel.

For those listening for the first time, as a special treat, we will promise to cover wrestling right off the bat, as we think it would be highly appropriate to spend a decent amount of time talking about Becky Lynch, the No.1 reason to watch wrestling at the moment.

Exclusive: Braun Strowman cleared for TLC- as we FIRST reported FIVE days ago

Everyone seriously needs to check out our Patreon page.

Every major so-called wrestling journalist has clearly already signed up to it- under a hidden identity- which is evident by the way these morons steal our content every week.

Some of our most well known Patrons and content thieves include;

Dave Meltzer, Brad Shepard, Mike Johnson, Sean Ross Sapp, Ryan Satin, Wrestlevotes and many others.

Five days ago, we broke another major story, when we exclusively revealed Braun Strowman’s status for TLC.

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Exposed: Sapp and Johnson continue to STEAL our content while Meltzer remains a joke

It’s easy to make claims on the internet these days, therefore, I am opting to post this clear photographic evidence- proving blatant dishonesty and plagiarism, because as they say, “a picture is worth 1000 words,” so here you go:

You can clearly see that this non-credible douchebag, Sean Ross Sapp, stole our AJ Styles story didn’t credit us whatsoever, and instead- passed it off as his own. This is because Sapp has no inside track to the WWE and the only news he can get is what we can all get from speaking to the WWE PR team, who occasionally throw you a bone and tell you things like, “someone is injured” or that “Raw will be ending the overrun.”

They will NOT discuss future storyline plans, PPV results, backstage heat or contract statuses/salaries- stuff we get from REAL inside sources and NAIL over and over again.

I also saw that Mike “no news” Johnson popped up with this little nugget:

So let me get this sh*t straight? For 2-3 days, everyone had their thumb up their ass wondering why Styles dropped the title, then we are the ONLY ones to deliver the legitimate reasoning, now suddenly all these guys know the story and make out they always knew about Styles’ contractual status all along? It’s absolutely laughable, because, SPOILER, “they didn’t know f*ck all.”

Let’s close this out by looking at our favourite wrestling comedian, Mr David Meltzer. He straight up hasn’t known a damn thing since he told us CM Punk was returning to the WWE in Chicago in March 2014- but bless him, he’s still at it, making up crap.

Unfortunately for Dave, he’s the considered the benchmark for wrestling news and he didn’t have time to wait for us so he could steal our exclusive. So when asked about the AJ loss, he hilariously gave out this contrived pile of bulls*it as the reasoning:

Yeah, ok Dave. So let’s protect Styles from two losses to Lesnar, by:

  • Giving him a loss to Bryan on SmackDown.
  • Taking him him off one of the Big 4 PPVs.
  • Making him lose to Bryan again at TLC.
  • So Meltzer logic = two losses to Bryan hurt you less than two losses to Brock Lesnar?
  • Wow, seriously, just f*cking wow!
  • Patreon Exclusive: BAD NEWS for Velveteen Dream fans

    So Vince McMahon loves the Velveteen Dream- but for all the wrong reasons.

    According to our sources, the Dream has reignited a long time Vince McMahon obsession- to create himself a wrestling version of Little Richard. The last guy he tried to do this with was Wildman Marc Mero. Y’all worried yet?

    For those not familiar with Little Richard, he is an American recording artist, singer-songwriter and actor, who was an open voyeur and bi-sexual, often performing in drag.

    It’s a well known fact that McMahon has always been a fan of the pop music and culture icon, and even invited him to perform at WrestleMania X. Little Richard’s most-celebrated work dates from the mid-1950s when his dynamic music and charismatic showmanship presaged the rise of rock and roll.

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    Exclusive: Current plans for Alexa Bliss

    Alexa Bliss continues to fail the WWE impact test, whilst still not having feelings in her forearm, related to a neck issue. According to our source, things are looking very bleak for Bliss, in terms of her ever wrestling again.

    However, the WWE are keen to keep Alexa on TV- meaning that she will continue on in her role as the Raw women’s GM- likely to become an official role tonight on Raw. This is partly the reason why Raw swept SmackDown last night, so that it looks like Corbin and Bliss collectively did a great job.

    CIA confirm: WWE Business Partner responsible for murder

    The CIA has concluded that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the man responsible for bringing the WWE to Saudi Arabia, did order the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul last month, contradicting the Saudi government’s claims that he was not involved in the killing.

    The CIA’s assessment is the most definitive to date, linking Mohammed to the operation. These findings heavily complicate the Trump administration’s efforts to preserve its relationship with a close ally. It’s also likely to further complicate the WWE’s 10-year deal with the Saudi Sports Authority.

    Dave Meltzer is the biggest CON ARTIST in Wrestling

    Is anyone seriously still taking this washed-up lying has-been seriously? He hasn’t had a story all year and his new thing is to give a fake fabricated explanation as to why something happened, the day after it happened- while claiming he knew the event in question was happening all along. Therefore, my question is, if this f*cking dipshit knew what was happening, then why didn’t he report it, LIKE WE DID, which you can clearly see at the top of the page or by clicking the Blue link.

    Instead, here is what the pathetic no-news fraud had to say:

    If anyone still takes this joke of a source seriously in 2018, they probably believe that Star Wars really happened and that Santa is real.

    MELTZER IS FINISHED as a credible source! He hasn’t had an informant in years! He’s living off a reputation built in the 80s and 90s, and if anyone is still giving this con-man money, he’s stealing from you, because you are a MORON!!

    Don’t be a moron! Unsubscribe from the Observer today! If you put your $11 a month in jar, in one year you will have $132. That should be enough to get yourself a nice escort for an hour at the end of the year- because let’s face it, if you’ve been giving your money to Meltzer, you’re a mark, and you aren’t meeting women any other way.