Patreon Exclusive: Who Daniel Bryan wants to face

As we reported a few days ago, Daniel Bryan’ current contract talks are stalling.

Bryan still hasn’t pen-to-paper on his new WWE deal, with Bryan insisting on a clause that hasn’t been added to a WWE contract for 22 years, and if Bryan wins his battle with the WWE hierarchy, we must see him in the ring against one particular opponent that Bryan is desperate to face.

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Major News Regarding Upcoming Fatal 4 Way

According to Christy Hemme’s twitter account the former WWE Superstar, and TNA Knockout, is set to give birth to quadruplets any day now.

Hemme was well known during her career for her drop dead looks, and fiery red hair. Hemme was discovered during the Diva’s search in 204, and While her time with WWE was relatively short, she became one of the biggest female stars of TNA wrestling. Hemme wrestled for a few years after coming to TNA. Her career had an even longer second act, as she became the lead ring announcer of TNA Impact from 2009-2016.

Mr Anderson shoots about WWE run with Steve Austin

Mr Anderson, formerly Mr Kennedy in the WWE, recently appeared on The Steve Austin Show. It’s worth noting, that Anderson and Austin have been good friends for many years and that Austin was a huge advocate for the Mr Kennedy character receiving his initial WWE push. I personally observed Steve Austin and Mr Kennedy sitting at a Hotel bar during WrestleMania 23 weekend, talking for 2-3 hours.

During the interview with Austin, Anderson spoke about being frustrated by WWE’s reluctance to offer great creative freedom to its performers, meaning he had to strictly adhere to a script. Anderson insinuated that this does not permit talent to succeed or fail on their own terms:

“The thing that’s frustrating to me is that it seems to me that guys are told, and girls are told, exactly what to do paint-by-numbers,” Anderson said. “It’s not ‘just go out there and try some stuff and see what works and what doesn’t work’ and it’s just people are handed a script and told, ‘say this exactly verbatim.’ That’s what’s frustrating to me. I wish more people were given the opportunity to fail on their own or succeed on their own. That’s the only thing that really frustrates me.”

When asked about the difference between working for WWE and Impact Wrestling, Anderson revealed that TNS was a far more relaxed work atmosphere:

“When I was at the WWE, it felt like, at least towards the end, that everybody was walking around on eggshells. Everybody was worried that ‘tomorrow might be my last day if I say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing, I’m going to get fired.’ When I got to TNA… And I think that’s the sort of management style of WWE. It’s the way they always wanted everybody to be sort of on edge. When I got to TNA, it felt like, ‘go out there and do your job and do it to the best of your ability.’ Cool. There weren’t any politics or anything like that in TNA and the biggest thing, the biggest difference, for me was Eric Bischoff was a big part of me coming to TNA. Like, and when I got there, he said, ‘I know that they’re sort of hamstringing you, to a degree, in WWE and telling you, ‘this is what you have to say – this is when you say it,’ he said, ‘I’m just going to give you bulletpoints. I don’t care how you get there, just here’s this main point we want to get to. You just figure out how Ken Anderson is going to get us there.'”

Sami Callihan Reveals Why He Asked to be Released by WWE

Yesterday I wrote about how mediocrity was a disease within the WWE. People are happy to just receive a paycheck. For one wrestler however mediocrity and a paycheck weren’t enough. Sami Callihan, formally known as Soloman Crowe, was recently interviewed on Interactive Wrestling Radio. In that interview Callihan said the following;

“I don’t think I was a trendsetter. I just was… mediocrity is dead with me. I’m not complacent just sitting around collecting a paycheck. It really didn’t matter about being a trendsetter. I wasn’t going to jsut sit around collecting a paycheck, even though it was a very good paycheck to do nothing. I was ready to go out and show them why hired a 5’7 kid in the first place.”

While I’ve never been the biggest fan of Callihan’s work I am a fan of his attitude. Pro wrestling could use more of it!

NASCAR Star Gives Update on Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett is currently in a rehab facility for substance abuse. As you can see from the tweet above NASCAR personality Hermie Sadler visited him over the weekend and said that Jarrett was doing great. Jarrett has recently been dismissed from Impact Wrestling under dubious circumstances.

Paige Now Claims to Be Single

Ryan Satin of, in a move befitting the class of his organization, today published a Snapchat Paige sent to a friend. In the snap Paige can be seen filming a couple kissing at a bar and announcing “this is why I’m single”. Paige was recently in a relationship with former WWE and Impact world champion Alberto El Patron neé Del Rio. Their relationship was extremely turbulent.

Impact Wrestling Fires Jeff Jarrett

Anthem Sports, the parent company of Impact Wrestling, has fired Jeff Jarrett and cut all ties with Global Force Wrestling. This is just the latest development in the Jarrett/TNA Impact/GFW love triangle. This saga has seen Jarrett and GFW coming in and out of Impact wrestling several times in the last few years. The woes that have affected Impact in the last 5 years is astounding and a whole book could be written on the subject. reached out to Jarrett and he was quoted as saying “Anthem is out of money.” If true, there is nothing new about this statement. Impact Wrestling/TNA has seemingly been out of money for well over 10 years. 

Impact Wrestling said in reply “That statement is inaccurate. Anthem and Impact Wrestling are looking forward to a successful 6-day tour in Ottawa, Nov. 5-10, and much more.”

Impact Wrestling much like the WWE continues to be a company out of ideas and without direction or focus. The only difference is WWE has some how figured out how to make money. 

WWE Commemorates AJ Styles Debut With Comic Book

WWE has published a comic book commemorating AJ Styles debut at the 2016 Royal Rumble. The comic, which is coming out January 10 2018, is part of a series chronicling historical moments in the history of the Rumble. In an interview on the CBS Sports podcast “In This Corner” AJ revealed a ton of backstage details regarding is debut. He talks about everything from how the WWE kept his debut a secret backstage to the importance of AJ’s entrance music. The podcast is definitely worth a listen.