Patreon Exclusive: WWE locked in bizarre dispute with Cristiano Ronaldo

In what may the most bizzare story of the year,  if not, at least the most surprising and intriguing headline of the year- the WWE are in the midst of a dispute with Real Madrid Superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo. In August 2016, Ronaldo, in collaboration with ‘Save the Children’, launched a […]

Dirty Sheets nail Superstar Shake-Up news, whilst Meltzer epically fails, AGAIN

The Dirty Sheets were once again the No.1 source for wrestling news when it came to the Superstar Shake-Up. Our various reports revealed most of the major draft picks, in addition to accurately reporting plans relating to the Intercontinental and US Championships. Below, are some extracts from our reports, most […]

Exclusive: SmackDown Shake-Up picks likely to disappoint 

According to our sources, tonight’s SmackDown Superstar Shake-Up picks are likely to dissapoint fans, with no major draft picks going to SmackDown, with the exception of US Champion, Jeff Hardy, as The Dirty Sheets already exclusively reported yesterday, via our Patreon page, at Tonight’s show we mainly focus on […]