Exclusive: WWE facing major dilemma over multiple deaths

The WWE have held talks this morning regarding the deaths of Nikolai Volkoff and Brian Christopher.

The WWE held the meetings to discuss how they could acknowledge the death of Volkoff, who WWE are keen to pay tribute to, without acknowledging the death of Christopher- who the WWE usually wouldn’t acknowledge, as his death was a suicide. The WWE usually ignore suicide or drug-related deaths (Chris Benoit, Test, Umaga, Kanyon, Sean O’Haire, Lance Cade, Crash Holly and others).

However, the company are astutely aware of the backlash they will receive from the fans, if they acknowledge one death and ignore the other. Vince McMahon is also keen to be respectful to his long-time employee and friend, Jerry Lawler, who McMahon spoke to last night- according to our sources.

It’s believed that the feelings of Lawler, may dictate what direction the WWE go in, meaning it’s possible that we will see the WWE break their own rules, and acknowledge both the deaths on Raw, via a photo tribute. Neither man will receive a video package.

The WWE have already acknowledged both deaths via WWE.Com.

Patreon Exclusive: The WWE make contact with AJ Lee

The WWE have made contact with AJ Lee to appear at their upcoming women’s PPV, “Evolution.”

Many will naturally point to the fact that the WWE are only contacting AJ because she conviningly won a poll asking fans who they would like to see at the PPV. However, this could not be further from the truth.

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Exclusive: Cena vs Undertaker NOT set for SummerSlam

Dave Meltzer and a host of other Micky Mouse wrestling sites reported that Cena vs Undertaker had been discussed and pencilled in for SummerSlam. This report is absolutely false and never had any truth to it from day one.

After citing Meltzer’s story, worthless sites like NODQ and many others, became even more certain that Cena was facing Taker at SummerSlam, when Cena trolled them with the Instagram post, below:

The fact is, this is a CLASSIC Cena troll job. Cena is fully engaged with his filing commitments for The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle. The is film due to be released next Spring, so Cema will be needed to re-edit the final scenes of the movie. In addition to that, Cena also has various commitments centring around the promotion of the Bumblebee Movie, which is set to be released this Christmas.

With the WWE clearly aware of Cena’s hectic schedule, it’s crystal clear that due to Cena was never even considered for a match against The Undertaker at SummerSlam, due to his obvious unavailability. In contrast to Cena, The Undertaker DID make himself available for SummerSlam several months ago, but offered the company a select list of wrestlers he’d be willing to work with. According to our sources, it was a very short shortlist, with AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan and long-time friend, Drew McIntyre, the only men on the list. The current plan is for The Undertaker to miss SummerSlam, but feature on shows in Australia and Saudi Arabia, and at WrestleMania 35.

Roman Reigns posts embarrassing and moronic tweet about himself

If you’re on this site, you should pretty much know that the winners and losers in wrestling are all pre-determined and if you are in a top spot in the company, this is decided and “GIVEN” to you by the booker. Well, apparently, you don’t know this if you’re a deluded and embarrassing moron called, “Roman Reigns.”

Reigns tweeted out the following:

Seriously, at this point, what more can we really say about this cancerous shit stain on pro wrestling?

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Patreon Exclusive: Our sources LEAK incredible contract offered to the Ultimate Warrior

Our sources have unveiled an incredible contract, which was offered to the Ultimate Warrior in 1997, just months after Vince McMahon told Bret Hart he couldn’t afford him.

As we all know, Warrior rejected the offer and never came back to the WWE. However, had he accepted, the signing could have changed the course of WWE history, given the incredible timing- as the offer was made at the beginning of the “attitude era.”

Would the Warrior have been McMahon’s preferred choice to be the company’s No.1 babyface, instead of Steve Austin?

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Exclusive: Main Event talent blamed and de-pushed for poor feud with Roman Reigns

[spp-ctabuttons]For those hoping that Roman Reigns will eventually be pushed down the card, due to continuous poor feuds, poor crowd reactions and poor merchandise sales- better be prepared to have their hopes crushed. Roman Reigns isn’t going anywhere, and that latest plight of Jinder Mahal, proves that.

After having a program with Roman Reigns, that concluded with a horrible match at Money in the Bank (which the crowd the shit all over), Jinder Mahal hasn’t been seen on TV since. This is because poor Jinder has been held responsible for the failure of the feud, with Roman Reigns seemingly blameless for any of it.

According to our source, during a de-briefing meeting after the Money in the Bank PPV, officials conceded the match between Reigns and Mahal had been a disaster. However, it was determined that the reasoning for this was because the company made a mistake pairing Reigns up with Mahal, as Mahal wasn’t a believable enough opponent- leading to the conclusion that Mahal has failed to establish himself as a main event performer, despite the company’s investment in him.