Exclusive: Daniel Bryan re-signs with the WWE (full details revealed)

Last Tuesday, Daniel Bryan put pen-to-paper, signing a new WWE deal for close to $1 million a year. The deal is currently a 3 year deal, with an option to add two more years after 18 months, if both parties are satisfied. Bryan is obligated to a minimum of 120 dates per year, with sources expecting this rise to 150, with Bryan securing $8000 per an additional appearance.

The deal is expected to pay Bryan approximately $2 million a year after bonuses and his 15% merchandise revenue is included.

Bryan’s currently sits just inside the Top 10 for merchandise sales, however, this is because he only has 3 items available- 2 T-shirts and a hand towel. Bryan’s T-shirts are a top 5 seller and he’s expected be one of the top stars and top merchandise sellers in the next 12 months, where he is expected to win the WWE Championship once again.

Reports put out by Dave Meltzer and Ryan Satin contained no details as they were purely speculative guesswork, based on the fact Bryan’s previous deal expired on September 1st 2018. Therefore, when Bryan appeared on Tuesday, it was 100% certain he had signed something.

The Dirty Sheets previously reported that Bryan had signed a short-term 90 day from September 1st to December 1st so that the WWE could safely advertise him for Australia. Obviously this new deal replaces the 90 day deal, which was only in-play for 4 days and covered Bryan to appear at 2 weekend house shows in Michigan on the 2nd and 3rd of September- where he twice defeated The Miz.

Exclusive: Latest update on Rey Mysterio

As we exclusively reported several weeks ago, Rey Mysterio has re-signed with the WWE and is still pencilled in to be a SmackDown talent.

Rey has been under a WWE contract since August 1st, which is why he was pulled from a Northwest Wrestling show on August 24th.

Rey was pulled from the show, as he was originally set to debut on the SmackDown after SummerSlam- as revealed by our sources. However, these plans were changed, and his return to TV is currently being held off. He is likely to be saved for either the SmackDown Season Premier next month or the SmackDown 1000 show. Regardless of him not appearing on TV yet, Mysterio did re-sign with the WWE several weeks ago and is under an actual performers contract, not just a 2K Games deal.

So Dave Meltzer is a wanker.. don’t say we didn’t always tell you so

So instead of giving him flack for being around 10% accurate with his news in the last 5-10 years, Dave Meltzer is receiving hate from the marks on Twitter, because a troll uploaded a snippet of audio from the August 9 edition of his shitty Wrestling Observer Radio show. Meltzer and and his equally pointless co-host, Bryan Alvarez, discussed The IIconics, specifically focusing on Peyton Royce’s looks.

Here is what the moron and his butt buddy had to say:

Meltzer: I thought they had a cool act in NXT and on the main roster I don’t get a thing out of them. I don’t think their promos are particularly good, their wrestling isn’t good. I think they even like… I think Peyton Royce’s transformation to look more attractive… I don’t know, I don’t want to say. But I don’t think that…

Alvarez: That they were more attractive in NXT?

Meltzer: I thought so, yes. To me, yes. I would say so. But that’s neither here nor there.

Alvarez: No one’s saying she’s unattractive, by the way, everybody.

Meltzer: I know, no s–t. Yeah, I didn’t say it at all. But she doesn’t stand out to me… when she was in NXT she did… she was a lot lighter.

Now, as someone who basically got chucked off Twitter, simply for criticising the way the WWE ram their women down our throats, I find this highly ironic. This piece of shit didn’t just insult a few female wrestlers like I may of done, but instead, insulted every woman on the planet.

During this time, when nearly every person is clearly an over sensitive PC p*ssy, Meltzer should’ve known better than to say what he’s said. However, what do you people expect from an old fart who’s completely out of touch with society and life in general?

Meltzer has being pulling this shit since the 90s, and only now have the over sensitive trolls on Twitter picked up on it. Go back and read the crap he wrote about Sable in the 90s. Meltzer is without a doubt that sad bitter nerd, who has been ignored by women his entire life, leading to a clear and obvious hatred towards beautiful women who have never given him any attention. Whilst holding the attention of obsessed lonely wrestling fans for most of his adult life, the way only Meltzer is able to get the attention of any kind of decent looking woman, is by paying her money to spend time with him.

That’s the most likely explanation, however, we can’t rule out the possibility that Meltzer genuinely doesn’t like anything in life, unless it’s standing in the f*cking Tokyo Dome?

With no sources, no credibility and having now completely alienated himself, I once again ask the question, “what’s the point of Dave Meltzer?”

Patreon Exclusive: The WWE make contact with AJ Lee

The WWE have made contact with AJ Lee to appear at their upcoming women’s PPV, “Evolution.”

Many will naturally point to the fact that the WWE are only contacting AJ because she conviningly won a poll asking fans who they would like to see at the PPV. However, this could not be further from the truth.

To read the rest of this story, go to: https://www.patreon.com/posts/20408666

Exclusive: Cena vs Undertaker NOT set for SummerSlam

Dave Meltzer and a host of other Micky Mouse wrestling sites reported that Cena vs Undertaker had been discussed and pencilled in for SummerSlam. This report is absolutely false and never had any truth to it from day one.

After citing Meltzer’s story, worthless sites like NODQ and many others, became even more certain that Cena was facing Taker at SummerSlam, when Cena trolled them with the Instagram post, below:

The fact is, this is a CLASSIC Cena troll job. Cena is fully engaged with his filing commitments for The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle. The is film due to be released next Spring, so Cema will be needed to re-edit the final scenes of the movie. In addition to that, Cena also has various commitments centring around the promotion of the Bumblebee Movie, which is set to be released this Christmas.

With the WWE clearly aware of Cena’s hectic schedule, it’s crystal clear that due to Cena was never even considered for a match against The Undertaker at SummerSlam, due to his obvious unavailability. In contrast to Cena, The Undertaker DID make himself available for SummerSlam several months ago, but offered the company a select list of wrestlers he’d be willing to work with. According to our sources, it was a very short shortlist, with AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan and long-time friend, Drew McIntyre, the only men on the list. The current plan is for The Undertaker to miss SummerSlam, but feature on shows in Australia and Saudi Arabia, and at WrestleMania 35.