Exclusive: What WWE didn’t tell you about Bray Wyatt’s accident

Yesterday afternoon, the WWE sent out a press release informing the media and fans that Bray Wyatt had been involved in a head-on crash crash and that he would absent from Raw.
However, what the WWE didn’t acknowledge, was that JoJo was also involved in car crash with Wyatt. The WWE are still not willing to acknowledge the fact that Wyatt is romantically involved with the ring announcer, due to the negative press the pair have already garnered.
Wyatt was caught having an affair with JoJo by ex-wife, leading to his divorce. In addition to this- as exclusively reported by The Dirty Sheets, his ex-wife’s lawyers embarrassingly involved the WWE in the proceedings, by legally demanding information relating to Wyatt’s earnings. This resulted in Wyatt landing in the company’s bad books and dropping down the card.

Patreon Exclusive: Lesnar & Rousey BOTH set for UFC 226

[/spp-transcript]According to our sources, the WWE’s two biggest box office draws, Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey, will BOTH be a part of UFC 226 next weekend.

The WWE already gave Ronda Rousey permission to be there, as she will be inducted into the Hall of Fame of July 5th. However, we have now been told that…….

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Video: PROOF that The Dirty Sheets are 100% CORRECT about Daniel Bryan

For anyone who’s ever been STUPID enough to doubt us, watch this video:

We have been at the forefront of the Daniel Bryan situation, from as far back as January, when we exclusively revealed that he was trying to get fully cleared, after the WWE told him that they were willing to let him tag with Shane McMahon in a “limited capacity.” The fact we reported this in January, means we have already landed the story of the year for 2018, nobody will EVER take that away from us.

However, this latest interview with Bryan confirms that we are STILL undeniably the No.1 source, with every story we have put out, all but confirmed by Bryan.

In the interview, Bryan confirms that:

• He IS looking for more creative control and DOES give his ideas. He even cites John Cena as an example. We reported that Bryan was looking for some creative control and that John Cena was advising Bryan about his future (20 minute mark).

• His dream opponent isn’t Nakamura or AJ Styles, but BROCK LESNAR, and that he wants to work him- ideally at a WrestleMania (24 minute mark). This was exclusively reported by us, and ridiculed by various losers in various forums.

• Bryan DID ask for his release if he wasn’t cleared, which we exclusively reported last year when we posted the heavily cited story, “use me or lose me.”

We OWN the news. Thank you for your support.

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Exclusive: Are WWE booking Daniel Bryan’s farewell tour?

According to our sources, the WWE are booking Daniel Bryan with the mindset that he’s leaving the company in 3-6 months time, however, the door is still wide open for him to sign the deal that’s on the table.

The WWE are viewing Bryan’s current run as somewhat of a “farewell tour,” which is why they have given away matches against AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, Shelton Benjamin and The Hell No reunion, in a such a short time. This would usually be a year’s worth of booking, however, the WWE want to maximise Bryan’s run if they fail to keep him. This may include jobbing out Bryan to The Miz at SummerSlam.

The current plan for Extreme Rules, is for The Miz to prevent Team Hell No from becoming the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, leading to a match against Bryan at SummerSlam, where he will defeat Bryan.

There are talks of doing two matches, with Bryan defeating The Miz at SummerSlam, but with The Miz getting his revenge in their decisive encounter at Hell in the Cell- if they can get Bryan to agree to a short term extension. Our sources believe that Bryan will sign a 3 month extension until December 1st, which will allow him to work Hell in the Cell and the WWE’s events in Australia and Saudi Arabia.

Exclusive: Nakamura status for Japan + official Police statement

The Bakersfield police department issued the following statement regarding Shinsuke Nakamura being bitten by a police dog on Monday:

“On Monday, June 25, 2018, officers of the Bakersfield Police Department Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Team were conducting a protective sweep of the Rabobank Arena in preparation for the WWE Live Summerslam Heatwave Tour.

During the sweep, the EOD Team, which consisted of an explosive detection trained canine team and bomb technicians entered an area of the arena where an employee of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) was present. The canine entered the room to sweep for the presence of any explosive material. As the sweep took place the WWE employee was accidentally bit by the canine. The employee sustained an injury to his lower left leg. Medical aid was immediately summoned to the scene and the employee was transported to a local area hospital for medical treatment.”

Nakamura was pulled from Smackdown Live, however, we can exclusively confirm that he will be appearing this weekend in Japan.

Undertaker’s MSG match announced

Madison Square Garden announced the following regarding the upcoming WWE live event on Saturday, July 7th:









WWE Legend Vader Dead at 63

WWE issued the following:

WWE is saddened to learn that Leon White, better known to WWE audiences as Vader, passed away Monday night at the age of 63.

White began his sports-entertainment career in the mid-1980s after retiring from the NFL due to injury. He rose to national prominence in Verne Gagne’s American Wrestling Association before joining New Japan Pro Wrestling as the masked Big Van Vader. He went on to become one of the promotion’s biggest stars and most feared competitors.

Vader then transitioned to World Championship Wrestling, where he would make the biggest mark of his career. He engaged in memorable rivalries with the likes of Sting and Ron Simmons, becoming a dominant, three-time WCW World Champion in the process.

In 1996, Vader joined the WWE roster, where he squared off against Superstars such as Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. He also found success on the small screen with a recurring guest role on the popular 1990s television program, “Boy Meets World.”

WWE extends its condolences to White’s family, friends and fans.

Patreon Exclusive: The REAL reason why Big Cass was released

So you have probably already read the bulls*it about Big Cass and why he has been released.

It started weeks ago when Ryan Shitstain/Wrestlevotes (same person) claimed that Cass had heat for excessively beating up a midget. This was completely made up. If Cass had heat with the company, he wouldn’t even have been on TV. Just look at the likes of Mike Bennett and Tye Dillinger. You wouldn’t be booked into a high priority program with Daniel Bryan, where you got to leave him laying on several occasions. Ryan Shitstain is a cancer who’s fake news should simply be ignored.

There was also a version put out by Justin Barrasso. Barrasso is known for having a 0% accuracy rate, reporting bullshit like, Cena vs Mysterio at WrestleMania instead of Cena vs Taker, to name one of his multiple pieces of fabricated nonsense. Barrasso is claiming that our boy Cass was drunk on the European tour and even broke down a toilet door. Seriously Barrasso, your skills are wasted doing fake wrestling news for Sports Illustrated- go and become a soap writer. Days of our Lives would definitely hire you, I have no doubt.

Anyway, enough with the fabricated bullcrap and fantasy, we can now reveal what actually happened…

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Patreon Exclusive: We HAVE the Big Cass story, and it’s a really good one!

We’ve made some calls and sent some texts and I’ve woken up to FACTS behind the Big Cass release, and it’s very juicy.

Note, it’s for NONE of the reasons Ryan Satin is reporting. Half of his story is completely made up. As for Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, we all know he’s the biggest joke in wrestling, so completely disregard any bullshit he’s written about this story.

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