Exposed: Sapp and Johnson continue to STEAL our content while Meltzer remains a joke

It’s easy to make claims on the internet these days, therefore, I am opting to post this clear photographic evidence- proving blatant dishonesty and plagiarism, because as they say, “a picture is worth 1000 words,” so here you go:

You can clearly see that this non-credible douchebag, Sean Ross Sapp, stole our AJ Styles story didn’t credit us whatsoever, and instead- passed it off as his own. This is because Sapp has no inside track to the WWE and the only news he can get is what we can all get from speaking to the WWE PR team, who occasionally throw you a bone and tell you things like, “someone is injured” or that “Raw will be ending the overrun.”

They will NOT discuss future storyline plans, PPV results, backstage heat or contract statuses/salaries- stuff we get from REAL inside sources and NAIL over and over again.

I also saw that Mike “no news” Johnson popped up with this little nugget:

So let me get this sh*t straight? For 2-3 days, everyone had their thumb up their ass wondering why Styles dropped the title, then we are the ONLY ones to deliver the legitimate reasoning, now suddenly all these guys know the story and make out they always knew about Styles’ contractual status all along? It’s absolutely laughable, because, SPOILER, “they didn’t know f*ck all.”

Let’s close this out by looking at our favourite wrestling comedian, Mr David Meltzer. He straight up hasn’t known a damn thing since he told us CM Punk was returning to the WWE in Chicago in March 2014- but bless him, he’s still at it, making up crap.

Unfortunately for Dave, he’s the considered the benchmark for wrestling news and he didn’t have time to wait for us so he could steal our exclusive. So when asked about the AJ loss, he hilariously gave out this contrived pile of bulls*it as the reasoning:

Yeah, ok Dave. So let’s protect Styles from two losses to Lesnar, by:

  • Giving him a loss to Bryan on SmackDown.
  • Taking him him off one of the Big 4 PPVs.
  • Making him lose to Bryan again at TLC.
  • So Meltzer logic = two losses to Bryan hurt you less than two losses to Brock Lesnar?
  • Wow, seriously, just f*cking wow!
  • Patreon Exclusive: Kayfabe truly dead- as Styles and Joe spotted at stripclub together

    We all know that kayfabe isn’t something the WWE really care about anymore, but coming off a intense and personal feud, even I was surprised to hear that AJ Styles and Samoa Joe showed up together at a well known stripclub in Brighton, during the recent UK your.

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    Exclusive: Possible finish for AJ vs Nakamura

    According to our colleague, Cav Manning, from the Wrestlingus Show, the WWE are building towards AJ Styles tricking Nakamura into low blowing him, whilst he is wearing a cup- causing him to injure his hand, aiding Styles in getting a win.

    It isn’t known if the WWE will implement that finish tonight at Backlash, or extend the feud and save the finish for a later date.

    Exclusive: SmackDown Shake-Up picks likely to disappoint 

    According to our sources, tonight’s SmackDown Superstar Shake-Up picks are likely to dissapoint fans, with no major draft picks going to SmackDown, with the exception of US Champion, Jeff Hardy, as The Dirty Sheets already exclusively reported yesterday, via our Patreon page, at

    Tonight’s show we mainly focus on existing SmackDown storylines, along with semi-rekindling Miz and Daniel Bryan’s long time feud.

    Exclusive: Reason why Nakamura turned heel at WrestleMania

    Our sources have confirmed that plans for Nakamura vs Styles changed on the day of the show, and mainly centred around the return Daniel Bryan.

    The WWE are looking to do more matches between Nakamura and Styles and are also looking at doing Nakamura vs Bryan and Bryan vs Styles. However, Vince McMahon decided he doesn’t want a whole host of babyface vs babyface matches headlining SmackDown throughout 2018, as he isn’t a fan of those storylines, prefering to build face vs heel feuds- which historically, have drawn more money.

    AJ Styles claims he’s not the best in the world

    During an interview with Sky Sports, WWE Champion AJ Styles was asked if he considered himself to be the best wrestler in the world.

    AJ Styles responded by saying:

    “No, I would not agree with that,” Styles said. “I think there’s still a lot to be learned by AJ Styles and you can’t consider yourself to be the best when you’ve still got so much stuff to learn.”