Exposed: Sapp and Johnson continue to STEAL our content while Meltzer remains a joke

It’s easy to make claims on the internet these days, therefore, I am opting to post this clear photographic evidence- proving blatant dishonesty and plagiarism, because as they say, “a picture is worth 1000 words,” so here you go:

You can clearly see that this non-credible douchebag, Sean Ross Sapp, stole our AJ Styles story didn’t credit us whatsoever, and instead- passed it off as his own. This is because Sapp has no inside track to the WWE and the only news he can get is what we can all get from speaking to the WWE PR team, who occasionally throw you a bone and tell you things like, “someone is injured” or that “Raw will be ending the overrun.”

They will NOT discuss future storyline plans, PPV results, backstage heat or contract statuses/salaries- stuff we get from REAL inside sources and NAIL over and over again.

I also saw that Mike “no news” Johnson popped up with this little nugget:

So let me get this sh*t straight? For 2-3 days, everyone had their thumb up their ass wondering why Styles dropped the title, then we are the ONLY ones to deliver the legitimate reasoning, now suddenly all these guys know the story and make out they always knew about Styles’ contractual status all along? It’s absolutely laughable, because, SPOILER, “they didn’t know f*ck all.”

Let’s close this out by looking at our favourite wrestling comedian, Mr David Meltzer. He straight up hasn’t known a damn thing since he told us CM Punk was returning to the WWE in Chicago in March 2014- but bless him, he’s still at it, making up crap.

Unfortunately for Dave, he’s the considered the benchmark for wrestling news and he didn’t have time to wait for us so he could steal our exclusive. So when asked about the AJ loss, he hilariously gave out this contrived pile of bulls*it as the reasoning:

Yeah, ok Dave. So let’s protect Styles from two losses to Lesnar, by:

  • Giving him a loss to Bryan on SmackDown.
  • Taking him him off one of the Big 4 PPVs.
  • Making him lose to Bryan again at TLC.
  • So Meltzer logic = two losses to Bryan hurt you less than two losses to Brock Lesnar?
  • Wow, seriously, just f*cking wow!
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    Exclusive: Daniel Bryan re-signs with the WWE (full details revealed)

    Last Tuesday, Daniel Bryan put pen-to-paper, signing a new WWE deal for close to $1 million a year. The deal is currently a 3 year deal, with an option to add two more years after 18 months, if both parties are satisfied. Bryan is obligated to a minimum of 120 dates per year, with sources expecting this rise to 150, with Bryan securing $8000 per an additional appearance.

    The deal is expected to pay Bryan approximately $2 million a year after bonuses and his 15% merchandise revenue is included.

    Bryan’s currently sits just inside the Top 10 for merchandise sales, however, this is because he only has 3 items available- 2 T-shirts and a hand towel. Bryan’s T-shirts are a top 5 seller and he’s expected be one of the top stars and top merchandise sellers in the next 12 months, where he is expected to win the WWE Championship once again.

    Reports put out by Dave Meltzer and Ryan Satin contained no details as they were purely speculative guesswork, based on the fact Bryan’s previous deal expired on September 1st 2018. Therefore, when Bryan appeared on Tuesday, it was 100% certain he had signed something.

    The Dirty Sheets previously reported that Bryan had signed a short-term 90 day from September 1st to December 1st so that the WWE could safely advertise him for Australia. Obviously this new deal replaces the 90 day deal, which was only in-play for 4 days and covered Bryan to appear at 2 weekend house shows in Michigan on the 2nd and 3rd of September- where he twice defeated The Miz.

    Dirty Sheets continue our PERFECT month

    The Dirty Sheets have been on fire throughout July, and the perfect run continued this week.

    So far this month, we have exclusively broken the following stories:

    • We revealed that Brock Lesnar would appear at UFC 226 (see proof, with date, below) ✔
    • We revealed that Brock Lesnar to defend the WWE Universal Championship at SummerSlam ✔
    • We provided inside information about Daniel Bryan’s contract status and revealed that he has signed a short-term deal ✔
    • We broke the news that Braun Strowman and Kevin Owens would face off in a Cage Match at Extreme Rules ✔
    • We revealed that Rey Mysterio has re-signed a new deal with the WWE ✔
    • We provided inside information on Dolph Ziggler and Rusev’s contract negotiations ✔
    • We revealed secret details about Bray Wyatt’s car accident ✔
    • We revealed that Nakamura would win the United States Championship, a push originally intended for Cien Almas ✔
    • We reported that Randy Orton would return as a heel, with AJ Styles needing future opponents ✔

    Note, we have also reported that AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe and Daniel Bryan vs The Miz are penciled in for SummerSlam- matches that a set to be confirmed this Tuesday.

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    Exclusive: Daniel Bryan signs new deal with WWE

    The Dirty Sheets have been at the forefront of all things relating to Daniel Bryan throughout 2018. We were the ONLY site to report that Bryan was attempting to get full clearance in December 2017 and that a tag match against Owens and Zayn was on the table for WrestleMania (with Bryan originally set to participate in a limited capacity, before clearance was granted). Whilst The Dirty Sheets were single-handily completely on top of the situation, other sites continued to wrongly resign Bryan to the Japanese and independent scenes.

    Lately, we have been the only site to accurately report news relating to his on-going contract negotiations, highlighting creative issues, a lighter schedule and a desire to work with Brock Lesnar- facts that were ALL confirmed by Bryan in a recent interview.

    After months of negotiations, we can now confirm that Daniel Bryan has opted to sign a short 3-month contract extension, beginning on September 1st and ending on December 1st. This deal is in place, so that Bryan can work shows in Australia and Saudi Arabia, and the Survivor Series, whilst contract negotiations continue for a long-term deal. It’s being said that a long-term deal can replace the 3 month deal anytime, however, its more likely that Bryan will begin his new deal on January 1st, giving him full control of his obligations during December, where he strongly wishes to spend time with his family.

    According to our sources, the parties aren’t too far from agreeing on a new deal. Whilst creative control hasn’t been granted by the WWE, a “right to refusal” has been agreed upon, along with a lighter schedule. With Bryan’s main concerns no longer an issue, he’s now 99% likely to pen a new long-term deal with the company.

    Video: PROOF that The Dirty Sheets are 100% CORRECT about Daniel Bryan

    For anyone who’s ever been STUPID enough to doubt us, watch this video:

    We have been at the forefront of the Daniel Bryan situation, from as far back as January, when we exclusively revealed that he was trying to get fully cleared, after the WWE told him that they were willing to let him tag with Shane McMahon in a “limited capacity.” The fact we reported this in January, means we have already landed the story of the year for 2018, nobody will EVER take that away from us.

    However, this latest interview with Bryan confirms that we are STILL undeniably the No.1 source, with every story we have put out, all but confirmed by Bryan.

    In the interview, Bryan confirms that:

    • He IS looking for more creative control and DOES give his ideas. He even cites John Cena as an example. We reported that Bryan was looking for some creative control and that John Cena was advising Bryan about his future (20 minute mark).

    • His dream opponent isn’t Nakamura or AJ Styles, but BROCK LESNAR, and that he wants to work him- ideally at a WrestleMania (24 minute mark). This was exclusively reported by us, and ridiculed by various losers in various forums.

    • Bryan DID ask for his release if he wasn’t cleared, which we exclusively reported last year when we posted the heavily cited story, “use me or lose me.”

    We OWN the news. Thank you for your support.

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    Exclusive: Are WWE booking Daniel Bryan’s farewell tour?

    According to our sources, the WWE are booking Daniel Bryan with the mindset that he’s leaving the company in 3-6 months time, however, the door is still wide open for him to sign the deal that’s on the table.

    The WWE are viewing Bryan’s current run as somewhat of a “farewell tour,” which is why they have given away matches against AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, Shelton Benjamin and The Hell No reunion, in a such a short time. This would usually be a year’s worth of booking, however, the WWE want to maximise Bryan’s run if they fail to keep him. This may include jobbing out Bryan to The Miz at SummerSlam.

    The current plan for Extreme Rules, is for The Miz to prevent Team Hell No from becoming the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, leading to a match against Bryan at SummerSlam, where he will defeat Bryan.

    There are talks of doing two matches, with Bryan defeating The Miz at SummerSlam, but with The Miz getting his revenge in their decisive encounter at Hell in the Cell- if they can get Bryan to agree to a short term extension. Our sources believe that Bryan will sign a 3 month extension until December 1st, which will allow him to work Hell in the Cell and the WWE’s events in Australia and Saudi Arabia.

    Patreon Exclusive: The REAL reason why Big Cass was released

    So you have probably already read the bulls*it about Big Cass and why he has been released.

    It started weeks ago when Ryan Shitstain/Wrestlevotes (same person) claimed that Cass had heat for excessively beating up a midget. This was completely made up. If Cass had heat with the company, he wouldn’t even have been on TV. Just look at the likes of Mike Bennett and Tye Dillinger. You wouldn’t be booked into a high priority program with Daniel Bryan, where you got to leave him laying on several occasions. Ryan Shitstain is a cancer who’s fake news should simply be ignored.

    There was also a version put out by Justin Barrasso. Barrasso is known for having a 0% accuracy rate, reporting bullshit like, Cena vs Mysterio at WrestleMania instead of Cena vs Taker, to name one of his multiple pieces of fabricated nonsense. Barrasso is claiming that our boy Cass was drunk on the European tour and even broke down a toilet door. Seriously Barrasso, your skills are wasted doing fake wrestling news for Sports Illustrated- go and become a soap writer. Days of our Lives would definitely hire you, I have no doubt.

    Anyway, enough with the fabricated bullcrap and fantasy, we can now reveal what actually happened…

    To read the rest of this story, go to:

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    Exclusive: Did Daniel Bryan cost Miz the Money in the Bank?

    As we previously reported on Patreon, way back on May 20th, Braun Strowman was the original choice the win the Money in the Bank match- with the cash in set to happen ON THE NIGHT, after a Lesnar vs Reigns rematch at Money in the Bank.

    However, the WWE then opted to change course, not book Lesnar vs Reigns at Money in the Bank and to go with The Miz instead. However, a Miz victory was always conditional on IF they could tie Daniel Bryan down to a new deal- with the plan being to hold off The Miz vs Daniel Bryan until WrestleMania 35, and to do a Triple-Threat between Lesnar vs Reigns vs Strowman at SummerSlam.

    Unfortunately, as Dirty Sheets patrons will be aware of, Daniel Bryan has yet to put pen-to-paper, forcing the WWE to go back to their original plan, and giving the win to Strowman. Strowman is now expected to cash in at SummerSlam.