MSG and Braun Strowman pay tribute to Roman Reigns

MSG paid tribute to Roman Reigns by posting this message on their famous MSG events screen. This is a major accolade, given that MSG is the world’s most famous arena and would only acknowledge major names- and also given the high amount of footfall in the area.

Meanwhile, Braun Strowman posted the following on his Instagram page:

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Roman Reigns posts embarrassing and moronic tweet about himself

If you’re on this site, you should pretty much know that the winners and losers in wrestling are all pre-determined and if you are in a top spot in the company, this is decided and “GIVEN” to you by the booker. Well, apparently, you don’t know this if you’re a deluded and embarrassing moron called, “Roman Reigns.”

Reigns tweeted out the following:

Seriously, at this point, what more can we really say about this cancerous shit stain on pro wrestling?

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Exclusive: Main Event talent blamed and de-pushed for poor feud with Roman Reigns

[spp-ctabuttons]For those hoping that Roman Reigns will eventually be pushed down the card, due to continuous poor feuds, poor crowd reactions and poor merchandise sales- better be prepared to have their hopes crushed. Roman Reigns isn’t going anywhere, and that latest plight of Jinder Mahal, proves that.

After having a program with Roman Reigns, that concluded with a horrible match at Money in the Bank (which the crowd the shit all over), Jinder Mahal hasn’t been seen on TV since. This is because poor Jinder has been held responsible for the failure of the feud, with Roman Reigns seemingly blameless for any of it.

According to our source, during a de-briefing meeting after the Money in the Bank PPV, officials conceded the match between Reigns and Mahal had been a disaster. However, it was determined that the reasoning for this was because the company made a mistake pairing Reigns up with Mahal, as Mahal wasn’t a believable enough opponent- leading to the conclusion that Mahal has failed to establish himself as a main event performer, despite the company’s investment in him.

Dirty Sheets continue our PERFECT month

The Dirty Sheets have been on fire throughout July, and the perfect run continued this week.

So far this month, we have exclusively broken the following stories:

  • We revealed that Brock Lesnar would appear at UFC 226 (see proof, with date, below) ✔
  • We revealed that Brock Lesnar to defend the WWE Universal Championship at SummerSlam ✔
  • We provided inside information about Daniel Bryan’s contract status and revealed that he has signed a short-term deal ✔
  • We broke the news that Braun Strowman and Kevin Owens would face off in a Cage Match at Extreme Rules ✔
  • We revealed that Rey Mysterio has re-signed a new deal with the WWE ✔
  • We provided inside information on Dolph Ziggler and Rusev’s contract negotiations ✔
  • We revealed secret details about Bray Wyatt’s car accident ✔
  • We revealed that Nakamura would win the United States Championship, a push originally intended for Cien Almas ✔
  • We reported that Randy Orton would return as a heel, with AJ Styles needing future opponents ✔

Note, we have also reported that AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe and Daniel Bryan vs The Miz are penciled in for SummerSlam- matches that a set to be confirmed this Tuesday.

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Exclusive: The UK miss out of King of the Ring, TWICE

The UK have seemingly missed out on a King of the Ring tournament for the SECOND time. The tournament previously billed as the UK King of the Ring tournament is now just being referred to as the United Kingdom Championship Tournament.

That wasn’t completely unexpected. When Triple H spoke of the tournament, he never directly mentioned it being a King of the Ring tournament. Then when the WWE promoted the two day special, they never mentioned the KOTR name again, including when attempting to sell tickets.

Knowing that many fans had spotted the the King of the Ring title in a WWE Network preview video, and sensing the enthusiasm on social media, the WWE still wanted to give fans a King of the Ring tournament and allocated the August 29th show at the O2 in London as the time and place.

However, according to our sources, those plans now appear to be cancelled, with the WWE deciding against doing the tournament in the UK- and instead, opting to add Ronda Rousey to the line-up to compensate. It still remains to be seen if the WWE will air the UK show. It does seem very strange to fly the entire Raw roster to the UK for a non-televised house show.

Patreon Exclusive: News on tonight’s Superstar Shake-Up

It has been extremely difficult to get news on tonight’s Shake-up, unlike last year, as the WWE haven’t told many of the wrestlers where they are going. In addition to that, the company have sent out several fake house show line-ups for multiple arenas, in an attempt to swerve the dirt sheets.

However, we do have some very interesting titbits of information.

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Patreon Exclusive: The TRUTH about Reigns, Lesnar and McMahon

You’ve read all the bulls**t, now read the actual story!

Unfortunately, the facts behind why Brock Lesnar defeated Roman Reigns on Sunday, are nowhere near as interesting as the FICTION that was put out there by Ryan Satin and then echoed by Dave Meltzer, followed by all the other sheep in the wrestling media, who all piggy banked onto the fake story about a heated confrontation between Lesnar and McMahon.

Here are the FACTS…

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Exclusive: Brock Lesnar re-signs with WWE, proving Ryan Satin is the biggest joke in wrestling

The dangerous thing about completely making up stories for website traffic when you cover wrestling, is that it is a scripted sport, and you can immediately be exposed to be an absolute joke. Unfortunately for Ryan Satin, he became the victim of this EXACT scenario earlier today.

A few hours ago, ESPN announced the news that Brock Lesnar has signed a multi-year contract with the WWE, fresh off the heels of his upset victory over Roman Reigns at WrestleMania last night. All of the wrestling media, including ourselves, were willing to concede that we were brilliantly swerved by the WWE and Paul Heyman, who did a wonderful job of convincing everybody, including WWE employees, that Brock Lesnar was leaving for UFC. Even the UFC’s Dana White was in on the swerve.

However, whilst the rest of the wrestling media applauded the WWE’s efforts, one man decided to fabricate a nonsensical bulls**t story to explain what happened with Lesnar and Reigns. That man was of course, Ryan Satin. Satin created a story insinuating that Lesnar had gone into business for himself and went off script during the finish of the match. He then claimed that Brock Lesnar was furious backstage and threw the WWE Universal Championship in Vince McMahon’s face.

Unfortunately for hapless Ryan, only hours later, ESPN announced the news that Lesnar had re-signed a multi-year deal with the WWE, further killing the credibility of Satin.

Now, people can choose to believe that Brock Lesnar went off script and brutally beat up his fellow employee and then followed this up by throwing a metal object at Vince McMahon’s face, yet, was still rewarded with a multi-year and multi Million Dollar contract, less than 24 hours later….

Or, alternatively….

They can believe that Ryan Satin, who we should now probably refer to as Ryan Satire, is a complete fraud, who made up a story to regain some relevance.

If you are in any way on the fence, I suggest you throw a metal object and your Boss tomorrow, and let me know how it worked out for you.