Exclusive: Current plans for Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss continues to fail the WWE impact test, whilst still not having feelings in her forearm, related to a neck issue. According to our source, things are looking very bleak for Bliss, in terms of her ever wrestling again.

However, the WWE are keen to keep Alexa on TV- meaning that she will continue on in her role as the Raw women’s GM- likely to become an official role tonight on Raw. This is partly the reason why Raw swept SmackDown last night, so that it looks like Corbin and Bliss collectively did a great job.

Exclusive: Funny incident from NXT Brooklyn involving Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon was sat ringside at NXT tonight with her two daughters. Before the Main Event, due to the fact she knew how violent it would be, Stephanie asked her two daughters to leave with an assistant, but her daughters refused to go.

After a lengthy discussion, a few production guys came over to join in, in persuading the two kids to leave. Clearly inheriting the McMahon stubbornness, the kid’s still refused to leave ringside. In the end, they stayed for the match.

Exclusive: Why the Fabulous Moolah Memorial Battle Royal is another DISGUSTING act by the WWE

The Fabulous Moolah is someone the WWE celebrates as their biggest female legend of all time, and is touted by the company as one of their greatest champions, having held the women’s title for longer than anyone else in the company’s history. Last night, the WWE further cemented Moolah’s legacy by announcing the Moolah Battle Royal.

However, like many things in WWE history, such as the legacy of the Ultimate Warrior, the WWE have decided to re-write history. In this instance, it’s to cover up The Fabulous Moolah’s shady and somewhat despicable past.

Decades ago, Moolah and her husband, Buddy Lee, ran a school for female wrestlers, called Girl Wrestling Enterprises. Unfortunately for its students, the school and booking agency, was an outright scheme to pressure trainees into prostitution.

Sweet Georgia Brown, a Moolah trainee, told her children that she was expected to undress if someone knocked on her motel room door at “strange hours,” or else she would be beaten. Brown’s daughter also eye witnessed Moolah, assault her mother over a minor perceived slight.

In 2014, Jeannine Mjoseth, a Moolah student who had a short career as Mad Maxine and Lady Maxine, spoke to Slam! Wrestling about Moolah. “Moolah did send girls out to this guy in Arizona and pimped them out,” she recalled. “I actually spoke to him on the phone and asked him what he was looking for. He said, ‘If I’m spending all this money, you know what I want.’ That was part of Moolah’s way of making money. She was just a bad person. Moolah didn’t have a good bone in her body.”

Former WWE wrestler and valet Luna Vachon also corroborated that Moolah was a shady individual. According to Vachon, when Vachon was just sixteen years old, Moolah sent her to take pictures for an older male cardiologist.

Over the years, Moolah was loathed by other female wrestlers, but was conversely well-liked by most men in the business. In light of what we now know, it makes you heavily questioned why men would Moolah, whilst woman would loathe her. You can see what we are sort of implying here.

Moolah was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1995. In her latter days with WWE, she was well-known for doing comedy bits with fellow WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young. It’s because of their longevity and willingness to work with the WWE throughout the Attitude Era, that Young and Moolah have long been held up as the classic icons of women’s wrestling by WWE. However, the facts indicate that it’s probably best that Moolah’s name should have been buried with her body, rather than re-writing history and burying the truth.