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For those listening for the first time, as a special treat, we will promise to cover wrestling right off the bat, as we think it would be highly appropriate to spend a decent amount of time talking about Becky Lynch, the No.1 reason to watch wrestling at the moment.

CIA confirm: WWE Business Partner responsible for murder

The CIA has concluded that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the man responsible for bringing the WWE to Saudi Arabia, did order the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul last month, contradicting the Saudi government’s claims that he was not involved in the killing.

The CIA’s assessment is the most definitive to date, linking Mohammed to the operation. These findings heavily complicate the Trump administration’s efforts to preserve its relationship with a close ally. It’s also likely to further complicate the WWE’s 10-year deal with the Saudi Sports Authority.

Exclusive: Why Brock Lesnar won the Universal Championship

Last Friday at Crown Jewel, Brock Lesnar defeated Braun Strowman for the WWE Universal Championship.

The reasoning behind this is because the WWE are keen to have The Rock defeat Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania, and do a rematch between the pair in Saudi Arabia in April. However, if they are unable to secure The Rock, it’ll be Braun Strowman who will defeat Lesnar, and finally take his place as the WWE’s top babyface. The seeds for this were clearly sewn last Friday.

If the WWE don’t secure The Rock, it’s not known if Lesnar vs Strowman if the WWE will go back to Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair. However, we can confirm, that the story put out by Dave Meltzer, about Batista vs Triple H being the planned Main Event, is completely FALSE. Whilst the match WAS pencilled in, it was NEVER considered to Main Event ahead of Rousey vs Charlotte or anything involving The Rock.

Despite the fact that Rousey and Charlotte are still set to face at WrestleMania, that match is no longer the preferred Main Event. To find out why, check out our exclusive story by going to:


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Exclusive: Saudis make staggering offer for The Rock

The Saudi Arabian influence over WWE booking is about to hit new heights, with a staggering $20m offer for The Rock to appear next April as the WWE Champion.

As reported by The Dirty Sheets many months ago, the WWE are keen to have Roman Reigns vs The Rock at WrestleMania 35. However, The Rock is about go from being offered $4m to appear at WrestleMania, to being offered $24m to do two shows in 3 weeks next April. This could even increase to $26m if The Rock holds on to the Championship in Saudi Arabia and drops the Gold at SummerSlam.

This staggering amount would far surpass anything any wrestler has ever made. Both John Cena and Steve Austin previously had very successful years in the WWE, where both earned over $10m a year, whilst Brock Lesnar has earned over $4m a year throughout his run since his 2012 return. However, nobody has come close to earning over $26m for 3 matches.

Exclusive: Cena vs Undertaker NOT set for SummerSlam

Dave Meltzer and a host of other Micky Mouse wrestling sites reported that Cena vs Undertaker had been discussed and pencilled in for SummerSlam. This report is absolutely false and never had any truth to it from day one.

After citing Meltzer’s story, worthless sites like NODQ and many others, became even more certain that Cena was facing Taker at SummerSlam, when Cena trolled them with the Instagram post, below:

The fact is, this is a CLASSIC Cena troll job. Cena is fully engaged with his filing commitments for The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle. The is film due to be released next Spring, so Cema will be needed to re-edit the final scenes of the movie. In addition to that, Cena also has various commitments centring around the promotion of the Bumblebee Movie, which is set to be released this Christmas.

With the WWE clearly aware of Cena’s hectic schedule, it’s crystal clear that due to Cena was never even considered for a match against The Undertaker at SummerSlam, due to his obvious unavailability. In contrast to Cena, The Undertaker DID make himself available for SummerSlam several months ago, but offered the company a select list of wrestlers he’d be willing to work with. According to our sources, it was a very short shortlist, with AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan and long-time friend, Drew McIntyre, the only men on the list. The current plan is for The Undertaker to miss SummerSlam, but feature on shows in Australia and Saudi Arabia, and at WrestleMania 35.

Patreon Exclusive: Lesnar & Rousey BOTH set for UFC 226

[/spp-transcript]According to our sources, the WWE’s two biggest box office draws, Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey, will BOTH be a part of UFC 226 next weekend.

The WWE already gave Ronda Rousey permission to be there, as she will be inducted into the Hall of Fame of July 5th. However, we have now been told that…….

To read the rest of this story, go to:


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Video: PROOF that The Dirty Sheets are 100% CORRECT about Daniel Bryan

For anyone who’s ever been STUPID enough to doubt us, watch this video:

We have been at the forefront of the Daniel Bryan situation, from as far back as January, when we exclusively revealed that he was trying to get fully cleared, after the WWE told him that they were willing to let him tag with Shane McMahon in a “limited capacity.” The fact we reported this in January, means we have already landed the story of the year for 2018, nobody will EVER take that away from us.

However, this latest interview with Bryan confirms that we are STILL undeniably the No.1 source, with every story we have put out, all but confirmed by Bryan.

In the interview, Bryan confirms that:

• He IS looking for more creative control and DOES give his ideas. He even cites John Cena as an example. We reported that Bryan was looking for some creative control and that John Cena was advising Bryan about his future (20 minute mark).

• His dream opponent isn’t Nakamura or AJ Styles, but BROCK LESNAR, and that he wants to work him- ideally at a WrestleMania (24 minute mark). This was exclusively reported by us, and ridiculed by various losers in various forums.

• Bryan DID ask for his release if he wasn’t cleared, which we exclusively reported last year when we posted the heavily cited story, “use me or lose me.”

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Exclusive: Interesting note about Raw Main Event

This week’s Raw was main evented by Finn Balor and Kevin Owens. Interestingly, back in September 2016, this match was pencilled in to be the Universal Championship match at WrestleMania 33. That was until the WWE realised that Balor wouldn’t be back in time for the Rumble. This was then changed to Owens vs Jericho and then finally, Goldberg vs Lesnar. The original plan for Lesnar, was for him to face Shane McMahon.